This article is about Ginni Thomas children. This article will tell you about Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas, and their children.

Ginni Thomas is a well-known activist from the United States. She has been making headlines for the past few weeks. Ginni Thomas married Justice Clarence Thomas. Virginia Thomas is an American conservative activist. Are you familiar with Ginni Thomas’ children? We will be sharing details about Ginni Thomas’ children if you don’t know.

This article contains information about Ginni Thomas.

Who’s Ginni Thomas?

Ginni Thomas is the name Virginia Lamp. Virginia Ginni Lamp Thomas is her full name. She was born 23 February 1957. She is an American lawyer and conservative activist. She is known for her activism and conservative comments, making her controversial.

Ginni Thomas received her education from Creighton University. She is a Republican. Ginni Thomas married Clarence Thomas in 1987. Ginni Thomas was accused in a press conference with the White House chief to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election. Ginni forced Mark Meadows not to reverse the election results.

Ginni Thomas Children

Ginni Thomas doesn’t have biological children. Jamal Adeen Thomas is her stepmother. Jamal is Clarence Thomas’s son and Kathy Grace Ambush’s ex-wife. Jamal is an American actor and a well-known television personality. His shows include FBI: Most Wanted and Entourage.

Jamal appeared on tv shows like The Blacklist Clarence and The 6th Degree. The parents of Jamal Adeen were Thomas and Kathy Grace Ambush. They divorced in 1984. Clarence married Ginni in 1987. Jamal Adeen, the sole Clarence Thomas, and Ginni Thomas children are both Clarence Thomas.

The Latest About Ginni Thomas

Ginni Thomas sent Mark Meadows text messages regarding the release of voting results. She used her position as Donald Trump’s top advisor to try to reverse the results of the election. According to one of the messages, Mark Meadows was forced by her to stop Joe Biden from becoming president through conspiracy.

How was her text message revealed?

The first text message was received by the house committee on 6 January 2021 while it was investigating the Hill Capitol siege. Research on Ginni Thomas children shows that there were more 2300 messages and 29 messages in the messages Mark Meadows sent to the investigation committee.


Clarence Thomas and Ginni Thomas don’t have biological children. They are however parents to Jamal Adeen who is a well-known actor on television and in film. Clarence’s ex-wife was Jamal’s mother. Jamal was Jamal’s child. He is well-known for his personality and has appeared on many tv programs.

He is 6ft 2 inches tall and 78 kilos in weight. This link will provide more information about Names Adeen.

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