Do you prefer Indian cuisine to the national food? This article will explain the main issue surrounding garlic in Melbourne. Ginger Garlic Melbourne is in the news because of all the negative reasons. A place where people come to eat their favorite foods draws criticisms from all corners for its insensitive behavior. This restaurant is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Although discrimination is a problem that has existed for many years, it has been addressed by the parties concerned.

Ginger Garlic News from Melbourne:

Ginger Garlic Australia, an Indian restaurant is located in Eltham village shopping center in Australia. It offers traditional Indian food in an environment that is casual and fun.

While most people gave it a average rating and thought that the restaurant provided good service, some users complained about the rude service. The owner is only interested in making big bucks from each customer, as evident by the comment. posted a comment regarding ginger garlic in Jan 2021. In June, we will discuss the same issue.

Ginger Garlic Melbourne refused to serve as a war veteran

While the food at this restaurant was appreciated by all who came, it was frowned upon by customers for its poor service. Ginger Garlic suffered more embarrassment last Saturday when it refused to accommodate an Afghan war veteran in a wheelchair.

Joel Sardi is an Afghan war veteran who was diagnosed with quadriplegia in Afghanistan seven years ago. He first booked a five-member staff member. The staff refused the booking after he stated that he was in a wheelchair.

The Ginger Garlic Melbourne proprietor refused to let him use his dining room due to his handicap.

Joel Sardi causing the Ginger Garlic Incident?

Joel Sardi clearly hurt from Saturday’s incident as evident by his Instagram post. In his Instagram posting, he discussed his disability and asked for people to see the hardship he is facing every day.

He stated that he does not expect people to place more obstacles before him, but that they should be considerate. He said that he didn’t want people boycotting the restaurant but that they should learn from the incident.

Final verdict

Ginger Garlic Melbourne This incident reminds that humanity is divided in so many ways. It’s high time humanity put humanity before everything to make this planet more accommodating for everyone. You must show empathy for those who need it. If you don’t, everyone will run with their pants down.