Send joy in this festive season and celebrate Christmas holidays with your loved ones with Giftcards com Rewardcard. This is a free, multi-store e-gift card for everyone. Treat your loved ones this Christmas by sending them an e-gift card or reward card to loved ones in the United States.

Enjoy the flexibility and more choice with e-gift cards to keep everyone happy this holiday season. Use the card to shop online, pay at a restaurant, or do whatever you want with personalized e-gift cards from

What is

Let us introduce you to Giftcards com Rewardcard. is the online retailer of gift cards or electronic gift cards that allows its members to personalize, purchase and deliver gift cards or gift cards as gifts during the holiday season. Customers can purchase an unlimited number of gift cards by paying the full price or get a discount from various popular retailers.

Founded a long time ago as a gift certificate website, originally operated under the banner. The website includes several offers, including retailer gift cards, MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards, and Giftcards com Rewardcard.

Shopping on is quite easy, and people in the US are increasingly using the website to send e-gift cards to loved ones this Christmas.

How does work?

Shopping at the gift card retailer is quite simple and easy. After visiting the website, users can purchase gift cards from the home page. Users can browse hundreds of retailers by category and brand, and purchase gift cards and reward cards.

If you want to purchase discount gift cards, you need to browse the Discount Gift Cards page. Discount gift cards vary by day and retailer, and discounts can be as high as 35%.

After purchasing the card, you need to load the amount on the card. You also have the option to personalize the card and add a message, photo and even a card cover.

Buyers can also choose electronic gift cards to send to the specified email address. For a physical card, you must mention the delivery address. There are also business cards, and they work like Giftcards com Rewardcard.

The gift card gives enough time to use the amount of the card before it expires. Checking the card balance is easy from the website.

Is legit?

Before providing your card details to a new website that you have never visited before, it can cause anxiety. There are many mixed reviews that make it difficult to confirm a website’s legitimacy. However, the website has been operating since 1999 and its use is legitimate.

The only negative reviews associated with the website are for orders canceled for security reasons. In many cases, members’ orders are canceled, especially when the information provided does not match, does not meet regulatory needs, and when the delivery address is not deliverable.

Giftcards com Rewardcard: Final Thought

Gift cards make a great gift this holiday season, and it’s the ultimate way to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones this Christmas. It gives them the freedom to shop, dine, and do whatever they want with the gift card until the funds expire.

The website looks legitimate, but research is needed before shopping on the website as it has mixed reviews from customers.