Fragrance choice, just like style choice shows what an individual prefers according to their moods and personalities. Some people prefer darker, mysterious fragrances, whereas others go for fresher, energetic ones. Whichever one you choose, it is now clear that fragrant choices are wide and varied and therefore understanding where your preference lies may save you a lot of headache and time when choosing a perfume. 

To understand the fragrance choices, then you need to know what notes are. You have probably heard the term, but never knew what it refers to. Notes refer to the concentration of scents in a perfume. There are three broad notes and these are top notes, base notes and heart notes. 

Top Notes

The dominant scent in a perfume is the top note and it is what you smell when you spray the perfume in the air and immediately walk through it. They tend to evaporate quickly especially if not applied directly to skin. Top notes also tends to shift to other notes once applied to skin and it mixes with natural body odor and breaks down over time transitioning into milder scents. Examples of top notes are basil, lavender and rose. 

Base Note 

The base note is the foundational scent of a perfume. It is heavier and adds substantial depth to the lighter notes making them last longer when applied to the skin. Patchouli, musk, and vanilla are popular examples of base notes ad they also tend to be the most memorable scents. 

Heart Notes

In the middle are the heart scents and they derive their name because they act as the middle scents between the top notes and the base notes. It is mostly in floral scents such as jasmine and geranium and it can sometimes be difficult to separate it from the other notes unless one is keen. Heart notes are perfect for outdoor use and for that fresh, mysterious feel.

Choosing Your Perfume According to your Age

As you mature and grow older, your preferences change drastically. You shift from the bubbly and fruity scents and prefer heavier tones that define your sophistication and maturity. For older women, the best choice is in more confident scents that reflect their complex values and styles. You need a different fragrance for every occasion, and this is where you get to completely refine your tastes. You might find yourself having a perfume for bed, another for work, and yet another for gardening. 

Building Confidence and Getting Your Groove Back

Scents are much more than just a style choice they are a form of communication. We want to tell others how to approach us by how we want our scents to be. So if you are feeling adventurous then a more fresh citrus scent might do, and if you are feeling frisky, then you won’t go wrong with a vanilla or musk. These pheromone inducing scents will get you exactly the night you are looking for, and perhaps much more.