Celebrating Life with Sleeper Gift Ideas

It’s December already, and that means that Holidays are just around the corner! Candy canes and hot chocolate, Christmas trees, and New Year-themed parties – what else would we need? Well, what holidays are without presents? However, don’t worry if you haven’t searched for anything yet, we’ve got you! And don’t even think about buying another Christmas sweater or one of those trivial red-and-green mugs. 

We have gathered all the best and unique gifts possible, and, surprise, they all come from one brand! Besides, with this list, you won’t stop just on Christmas. With these presents, you can surprise your loved ones almost every day. That’s right, whether you are looking to dazzle your beloved partner on Christmas evening, or maybe you are looking for something to give to your older sister just because you love her – it doesn’t matter! With these Sleeper gift ideas, you will have presents for any occasion and any person. After all, your loved ones deserve the best of presents. 

H2: Pajamas by Sleeper: A Universal Go-To Idea

You may be already familiar with such a prominent brand name as Sleeper. Their garments are famous all around the world, from Ukraine, France, and Italy to the USA, Australia, and UAE. Their sets can be bought in the most well-known fashion galleries and websites such as:

  • Net-a-Porter
  • Moda Operandi
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Galeries Lafayette and others

And besides the huge popularity, what else defines this label from others? Well, the main and the grandest distinction is the unique versatility of the Sleeper’s clothes collections. Yes, of course, they got famous for those pajamas by Sleeper everyone talks about, however, don’t underestimate these two-piece sets. Besides being a loungewear option, further Sleeper gift ideas can also be worn as chic party outfits, or just as a regular day-to-day clothing combo (especially when put together with your regular wardrobe pieces). Feeling intrigued? Read on to find out more about different Sleeper collections!

H3: Fancy Feathers

We all know the drill of finding a good outfit for a party without wasting all our monthly budget on the thing (especially in a pre-New Year period). Sleeper knows the struggle too. That’s why they came out with this fabulous collection of pajamas with feathers! And if you thought that this trend came out of fashion after the 1920s – think again! 

Sleeper did a great job bringing back this old-time fashion trend and remaking it for the 21st-century style. Bright colors and special feather placements made this party collection a true combination of fun and chic all in one bottle. When visiting the Sleeper website you will be struck by the variety of options:

  • Ash grey party pajamas with feathers
  • Party feathered set in pink
  • Fun set in lavender vichy color
  • Boudoir pants with feathers in black, pink, and white
  • Numerous knitted cardigans with feathered sleeves

and if you want a whole set with feathers, you can look into Sleeper’s Weekend Chic set. 

If you thought that this couldn’t get any better, it certainly can! As Sleeper is all about the versatility of the clothing, they made all the feathered details on their pajamas sets detachable. And that’s why these pajamas would be one of the most precious and unique gifts to your loved ones. These sets will not only be worn once or twice a year for some fabulous party but they can also be worn daily, combined with regular sweaters or jeans.

H3: Unisex: Equality in Modern Fashion

Looking at all these fashionable clothing pieces, you might wonder if there is an opportunity for men to be this stylish. And Sleeper says yes! This brand goes against discrimination and that’s why they included unisex pajamas which can be found on their website https://the-sleeper.com/en/product-category/men-en/. Not only men can, but they should be fashionable too. And with these immaculate linen multi-color pajama sets, that would look wonderful on your boyfriend (as well as yourself too), Sleeper changed the perception of quality nightwear as being strictly for women’s pleasure. Besides, the brand has also made a twist in this collection and introduced two bottom options – trousers and shorts. So, if you were looking to make a surprise for a man in your life, Sleeper got your back. Moreover, these sets, which come in a wide range of colors from white and cream to lavender and navy, will be a specifically good addition to your boyfriend’s summer wardrobe. And as a collection is unisex, women can also incorporate these pieces into their styles to match with their partners!

H2: Sleeper: Know What You are Wearing

Sleeper is a Ukrainian fashion brand, launched in 2014, by two young entrepreneurs Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva. The idea of the label appeared on Christmas Eve while two friends were rewatching the all-time classics “Curly Sue”. And that’s how their path of creating universal clothes, that could be worn both at home and for a night-out, started. Considering this magical story, it’s no wonder that their clothing lines are a good choice when it comes to holiday presents. 

It’s almost hard to believe that a label with such a great variety of clothing pieces once started with just a 10-piece line of black and white pajamas, yet that’s the truth. They also changed the course of their brand a little in terms of fabrics. Sleeper started with only using silk in their production, however, now they have expanded to using viscose and linen, and changed their silk pieces to viscose, as they are perceived as more ecological materials. As every piece is sewn by hand, they make sure that they only use high-quality fabrics, characterized by great breathability and moisture absorption. This ensures the comfort of future Sleeper customers. 

As a brand, Sleeper came a long way since its first collection launch. However, it didn’t affect their main values and ethical routes. The label started with the concept of self-love, happiness, and, of course, sustainability, and they adhere to these statements to this day.