This article discussed the full-featured sales management tool that makes use of The Getaccept Electronic Signature to protect tamper-proof documents.

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It is estimated that the Digital Signature market is expected to expand by 34 percent in the coming year. One of the biggest players is the Get Accept. Get Accept is accessible in several countries, including those of United States, the United Kingdom as well as St. Helena. This is why, in this article we will look at The Getaccept Electronic Signature Technology.

What’s an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are an easy and legal method to sign electronic documents. It can be used as a substitute for manual signing for almost any type of procedure because it is safe and reliable. Digital signatures are a different term used to describe electronic signatures.

The aim of an electronic signature is to offer a secure and reliable method of identifying of the signature to make it easier for transactions. Electronic signatures can be created with various different levels of protection, each having their own set of requirements and methods which verify the authenticity of the signature at different levels.

What exactly is Getaccept Digital Signature Technology?

GetAccept Inc is a software design company. The company develops an online sales platform that lets customers track, advertise as well as eSign commercial proposals. They also provide electronic signatures and video intros negotiation, document analysis interfaces, backup solutions.

GetAccept is a full-featured sales management tool that can help B2B salespeople complete transactions by phone. GetAccept makes use of digital signatures to protect against documents that are tamperproof and is compatible to ESIGN, eIDAS, and UETA.

GetAccept is trusted and used efficiently by people in more than 50 countries on a regular basis. In the end, GetAccept is among the major companies in the world in digital signature.

What is the process behind Getaccept Electronic Signature? Function?

The user doesn’t need to print the document to sign it, scan it and then send it back to electronically sign it. Instead, they can make use of a laptop, tablet or smartphone to sign an electronic signature to any document with GetAccept.

How Do You Electronically Sign A Document?

  • If they receive the physical copy of a document, they can take pictures of the document and then save them in JPEG or PNG files, or could scan it.
  • If you already have an existing pdf file in it, this can be able to work.
  • Make an account on GetAccept account following.
  • Enter the names and email addresses of people who have to sign the document with The Sign it using the Electronic Signature Systems along with the sequence by which they must sign it.
  • For the receivers to complete and submit vital information, they can drag and drop text fields, sign fields dropdowns, checkboxes, and dropdowns on the document.
  • Send an email to everyone who receives it will see as they receive the document via email. Include a short video to introduce the subject.
  • Then, sit back and watch the entire process unfold.


Digital Signature Technologies like GetAccept have revolutionized the world of e-signature by offering the most modern and current features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to GetAccept E-Sign.

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