Judo is a Japanese unarmed combat system that is today largely practised for sport on an international level. The judo sport has intricate regulations. The goal is to cleanly toss, pin, or dominate the opponent, with the latter being accomplished by putting pressure on the hand or neck joints to force the opposing player to submit.

Professor Jigoro Kano, born on October 28, 1860, in Kikage, near Kobe, founded Judo, a comparatively recent martial art in Japan. Before creating his school and set of exercises that he called Judo, Kano trained under some of the best practitioners of the time, adapting many of the characteristics and methods of the considerably older martial art jujitsu (which first appeared years earlier in 1532). In a hall, on a mat measuring 12 feet by 18 feet, he started teaching the new martial art in 1882. In his first year, he had a total of nine students. 

Spread of Judo outside Japan

To spread Judo outside of Japan, Jigoro travelled to Europe in 1889. During his travels, a well-known incident took place aboard a ship: Jigoro knocked down a foreigner who was making fun of him, but he put his palm under the man’s head to keep him from getting injured. This demonstrated how Judo integrated realistic combat methods with consideration for one’s adversary. Jigoro relentlessly laboured to promote Judo worldwide while holding a global outlook and acting as a member of the International Olympic Committee.

In 1964, Judo made its inaugural appearance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It was excluded from the 1968 Olympic schedule in Mexico City but was reinstated for the 1972 Munich Games and never left again. Women’s Judo was included in the Barcelona Games in 1992. Judo is a well-respected game throughout the world regardless of which country plays it, more or less. Both males and females also play it. 

Today, Judo has become an Olympic Sport played by many countries. If you want to see yourself playing this Olympic sport, contact us for the Best Judo Karate Classes in Australia. We will ensure that you get the best training in Judo to become excellently adept in the game. Japan holds position number one in Judo, presently followed by Russia. Other countries such as France, South Korea, Brazil and Australia also practice Judo on a wide level. 

Today the game has reached the international level. Register for the Best Judo Classes for Beginners Australia if you are interested in mastering the game. Judo is a challenging talent to acquire, but it’s also very gratifying and stunning when properly done. But let’s face it, not everyone is a good fit for Judo. Judo is not a gentle martial art; it requires a certain kind of person and character. We train you to be the best in the sport without a doubt.