Have you every pondered over the thought that despite keeping the feet clean, why there’s pain which is unbearable at times? In most cases, pain in the heels occur due to cracked and dry skin that leads to calluses. Because of wearing shoes and socks, walking and running creates too much friction that can result in blisters and cracks on heels, toes and sides of the legs. Healthy feet play a vital role in keeping them functional while walking and go around with normal routine. Cracked heels or dry skin feel uncomfortable and doesn’t look good but don’t worry as this blog presents the Top Foot Scrubber to fight dull skin and deliver beautiful feet this summer. 

What Is a Foot Scrubber?

Foot Scrubber is basically a Pedicure Tool that thoroughly cleanses the feet, removes visible dirt, dead skin layer and controls situations like cracked and dead-looking feet. The regular use of Foot Scrubber to keep up with your regular beauty care routine leaving soft and soft feet. This easy to use tool exfoliates efficiently sloughing off grime and give pretty feet in no time. 

How do You Use a Foot Scrubber?

Below are the simple everyday care tips to use Foot Scrubber Tool as a part of your regular care routine that will keep calluses away. 

Clean and Soak Your Feet

Prepare a tub of lukewarm water and add essential oils, mild shampoo or any liquid soap. Soak your feet in the water for few minutes to help loosen the hard skin and soften the layer of calluses, making it easier to use a Foot File Pedicure Tool and scrubber on the rough skin surface. After the cleaning process, spread a clean towel and wipe off your feet with excess water so that skin is moist and soft for scrubbing. 

Using the Foot Scrubber

Examine your feet closely for any bumps, cracks or skin breakouts. Mark the areas that feel thick and hard and start using the Scrubbing Tool. Rest your feet on another leg and gradually start scrubbing the heels. Glide the tools gently on the feet surface and it will eliminate the dead skin and calluses off the legs. It is specially designed to clean the foot and areas around the nails reviving the skin and making it gentle. 

Rinse and Moisturize 

The next and the last step is to clean and moisturize the skin. Run your finger through the skin and see if it feels smooth and supple. If you don’t find any rough or dry patches then rinse your feet under running water to get rid of remains after scrubbing. Now use any foot moisturizer or cream on the feet to lock in the moisture and keep it hydrated. 

Benefits of Using Foot Scrubber

  • Scrubbing the feet once in a week keeps the growth of calluses in control. These foot blemishes harden the skin and by exfoliating with the scrubber, the feet remain soft. 
  • Apart from removing dead skin cells, they keep blood circulation boosted. 
  • Cracked heels or brittle skin can lead to foot pain. Using a scrubbing tool can prevent foot pain and skin irritation. 
  • For people who love giving their feet DIY Pedicure at Home, including a Foot Scrubber will make skin extra supple and beautiful. Moreover
  • In the summer season the body releases more sweat, hence using a Scrubber controls perspiration and infections related to that. 

Simply follow the above regimen and keep your feet velvety soft and pretty throughout the summer season!