Are you trying to establish your business in this ever-increasing online world? Are you new in the business and struggling with complicated strategies to establish your business online? If your answer is yes to both the questions, you need to use the effective and efficient SERP API tool.

SERP API can scrape, extract, and analyze various online marketing trends. Using SERP API, you can scrap the results from the Google search engine results page. Parameters like Search type, Localization, Geographic Location, and Search query are scraped via SERP API. 

Therefore, your business needs to use SERP API for the benefit of your website. Now, SERP API has evolved over time and introduced various new features to profit the website owners. If you want to take advantage of SERP API’s new features, make sure you read the article till the end.

Top SERP API Features To Benefit Your Website 

This section will discuss the essential and unique SERP API features that are highly advantageous if you incorporate them into your website. So, without any delay, let us directly jump to the features.

AMP Detection

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP reflects that most of the searches today are carried out through mobile devices or tablets. It has improved the overall performance of the mobile web. AMP detection has created open technical standards that streamline ads and boost the speed of the page by creating an engaging ecosystem on the mobile web.

Direct Answer

Direct Answer is listed on Google SERP in three ways, including list, paragraph, and table. The immediate answers are provided on the top of the search engine result page, which answers the user’s query. 

In the list form, the answers are displayed in a bulleted list. It generally answers the “how-to” questions. Next, in paragraph form, the SERP API displays the result in JSON format, which is easily integrated with any application.

WhatsMySerp SERP API uses the same JSON format to display results so that you can conveniently understand and integrate them into any application you want.  

Lastly, the table form displays the answers in a table which is different from the query type of questions. For example, the table form typically displays a player’s rankings who scored best in a match.

Related Searches

You must have seen ‘people also ask’ and ‘related questions’ on the Google search results page. On the page’s bottom, you can also see ‘related searches.’ This provides you with beneficial information as you can use the data to perform Keyword research via SERP API.

Super Universal

Having your website appear on a universal search result page affects your website’s overall performance and ranking. If you compare a keyword’s Universal rank with organic rank, you can calculate the overall organic ranking position with the SERP API tool.

If you want to include PPC in your calculation, you can mention it in your API request by using the following command, “include_all_in_universal”=>true’.  This will consist of all the ads as a part of your universal ranking calculations. 

Featured Video

The API may show normal and regular video results, but the Google SERP API will highlight the most relevant video based on the query as featured video. This featured video will be displayed on the top of organic search results.   


If you want to check which competitor is using paid campaigns or ranking on the top of search results, you can find this through SERP API. All the information is provided to you in a simple format that tracks and ranks the PPC ads and show which competitor is spending money on the paid advertisements.

Social Tweets

Google SERP API sometimes displays tweets on the search engine result page when the user searches for something specific. If you want to see the social tweets, you can simply search for the Twitter hashtags. 

Travel Finder

The most recent addition to the Google SERP APIs is travel finder, which provides users with detailed and quick responses. The data is originated from Google Maps along with links to follow for the directions and more information. 

Star Ratings

Google uses the star rating feature to rank the sites according to the reviews by the customers and service performance. Google will only assign your website with a star rating when it includes an original Aggregate Ranking on the basis of microdata. 

Indeed, if your website will attract more traffic and clicks with a higher star rating, therefore, you should work to increase the star rating of your website. 

Knowledge Graphs

The SERP API detects the presence of a Knowledge Graph based on your keyword research on the search results page. Knowledge graphs, also known as Knowledge Panels, comes in two varieties, including Food Knowledge Panel and Business Knowledge Panel.   

Food Knowledge Panel will show results related to recipes or nutritional facts. On the other hand, Business Knowledge Panel will contain News and Sitelinks to reach a particular business website.

Final Thoughts

Aren’t you excited to incorporate the features in your website’s content? If your work revolves around SEO or a related field, you should try the features according to your website’s requirements. 

Hence, it is always beneficial to keep track of the new SERP API features and learn how they can impact or improve your websites. We believe that your business will benefit from all the SERP API features.