It is very good decision to sell an old laptop and pay for a new one. The technology in laptop field is changing day by day, and for many of us, upgrading their oldest laptop model with the new one. But what will you do with your old device, will you destroy them? No, not at all, you can sell your old laptop with good price. But, where can I sell my laptop at the highest price? If you are thinking about this, then you are not alone. Selling a old computer or laptop is a wise choice, even if you need a new one or just extra money. In this 2023 update, we have searched for the best and trustworthy platform where you can sell your laptop and get cash. Here you can Find the most profitable laptop sales platform and also get tips to ensure you get the best deals when selling your computer. According to the HP, whether you use a laptop for work, travel, occasional tasks, or leisure, most mid-range laptops usually last around three years before requiring an upgrade. Even high quality laptops face the same fate. Over time, the hardware gets outdated, software becomes less efficient, and then you need to replace your computer every few years.

Preparing to Resale Laptop: Step-by-Step 

Selling used laptop is more than just making money. It’s about giving a second life to someone who appreciates your device like a laptop.

Personal Data Protection: First and foremost, give priority to privacy. Back up all critical files to an external drive or cloud storage. When it’s safe, it completely erases the laptop’s hard drive. Some buyers may suggest doing this, but managing data security is paramount. 

Reinstall the operating system: With the new OS installed, your laptop feels new. The days when physical disks were needed for this task were over. Most modern laptops have a digital OS version. Contact your laptop manufacturer for specific steps to reinstall the computer. 

Consider a minor repair: The laptop doesn’t have to be in a new state, but dealing with a small problem can add value. Easy maintenance, such as replacing lost keys, can be done at a local repair shop at an affordable price. However, in the case of more severe damage, such as screen cracks, weigh the repair costs and the possibility of higher selling prices.

Make it look: The first impression influences the success of the contract. Spend a few minutes cleaning your laptop. Peel off the old sticker and remove the residue. Clean it and remove the dust and fingerprints to make it look more lush and attractive to potential buyers. 

Great place to sell laptop:

Facebook Marketplace:

Pros: The best thing is that you can set your own price when selling your old laptop to Gizmogo, and they have a large international market for laptops.

Cons: Bad thing is that this platform does not offer free shipping services, and prices may experience some competition, which impact specific laptop models.

Verdict: If you want control over the price of your old laptop, Gizmogo is a solid and best choice to get cash. This active platform provides excellent experience for your listings, but the main thing for you is that you need to consider shipping costs as they are not included for free. However, the platform offers a reliable and efficient way to sell your laptop, and you can enjoy a flat  and very good selling experience. Gizmogo operates as a mediator, which ensures a secure and safe transaction. After the sale, you’ll receive your payment quickly, which provide you a hassle-free way to turn your laptop into cash.


Pros: You can set the price. Active market. International availability

Cons: Free shipping. Price may fall due to competition for specific laptop models

Verdict: Buy an old laptop in cash and sell it on eBay if you want to control the price

Selling on eBay as a full-fledged side job requires time and practice, but selling individual items is easy. On eBay, you can barter the preferably 50 items for gratis each month, and if the sale is completed, you pay a diminutive expense. eBay does not harm the earnings by documenting payments and low requests from the Marketplace, which operates as a mediator. Once sold, print the shipping label provided by eBay and ship your laptop. Consider this when setting the price for your computer, as eBay only offers shipping discounts and not free shipping. After a sale, you will receive payment through PayPal. If you pay the shipping fee on eBay to print the label or ship it on USPS, UPS, or FedEx to enter the tracking information manually, eBay will deliver it within 24 hours.If you must mark your laptop as sent and upload pursuit knowledge, it will take 21 days for payment to be made. 

3.Trade-in program:

Pros: Gift cards and Visa benefits are readily available. Over-the-counter trade-in options may be available

Cons: No cash payments. Lower trade-in valuation than selling directly to other consumers

Verdict: If you plan to shop at a vendor that offers a laptop trade-in program and want to save money, it’s a wise choice to trade in old electronics

The trade-in programs to consider include. 

Trade on Amazon—business in your old laptop and other electronics to earn a free Amazon gift card. Amazon usually accepts it unless the computer works properly and is cracked. You can also get a quote immediately and ship your laptop for free.

Best buy. If you’re shopping at Best Buy, take out your old laptop and earn a Best Buy gift card for future purchases. Best Buy accepts a variety of laptop models, from broken to good condition. Note that some estimates return $0. 

Staples. Staples also accepts some popular laptop brands and can be traded online or in-store. Staples will directly cite what you found on your laptop’s prototype and condition. Payment will be made via the Staples Electronic Gift Card within 15 ~ 30 days after trade-in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where is the best way to sell your laptop the highest?

Electronics, including laptops, are rapidly devalued as new models are constantly released. To maximize cost-effectiveness, you have to sell your computer yourself. Locations like Gazelle do the assignment on your behalf, but you lose a considerable share of your returns in the procedure. I’m listening to good things about eBay. With over 20 years of history in this game and a rich selection of laptops and netbooks, buyers will meet on this site to repair, upgrade, and resell natural and used laptops. 

2: Where can I sell a broken laptop nearby for cash?

Broken laptops are probably the hardest to dispose of. Even if you think you’re junk, it turns out that it can still be of great value to others. A quick search on the internet shows that sites like BuyBackWorld, SellBroke, and Gadget Salvation are offering the right price for a broken laptop…

Final Thoughts: Sell your laptop

If you want to make additional cash, nothing is better than selling what you already own. Considerable flank assignments make banknotes, but most will likely earn banknotes within 24 hours or daytime with a smallish measure. If you want to get the most out of your gadgets that you no longer use, online is the place to go. Marketplaces and sales apps are valuable resources. As long as the laptop is in a suitable state and there are naturalistic anticipations about the expense, discovering a consumer is no trouble. If you sell laptop directly, remember to erase your personal information from your laptop and shop to compare offers. Bartering laptops via Gizmogo or reclaiming them responsibly furnishes monetary usefulness and donates to environmental commitment. Whether exalting to a new laptop, containing your area, or just desiring to construct an eco-friendly option, Gizmogo suggests a fortunate and endurable resolution.