Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend Photo – We will find out why they are in the news as well as what happened between Shakira, Pique and others.

Is Gerard Pique a person you recognize? Are they currently in a relationship? Which is his current girlfriend What is the most recent news regarding their lives? Worldwide

Shakira broke up with Gerard last year but it seems that she is still missing him. We believe this is due to her New Year’s Eve social media statement. This post contains more information about Gerard Pique Girlfriend Photo.

Who is Gerard’s new girlfriend?

Sources claim that Gerard Pique’s girlfriend is Clara Chia Marti. Gerard’s current girlfriend is pregnant. Rumours circulated about Gerard’s new girlfriend shortly after his split from Shakira. People started talking about him and Clara Chia Marti when he was last seen with her. Soon their picture of them holding hands was viralized on social media.

But, the ex-football star hasn’t said anything and so we are unable to confirm if his girlfriend is pregnant.

What are the latest news?

Shakira, pop singer and songwriter released her song “Bzrp Music Sessions,” Vol. 53″ was about Gerard Pique, her ex. The song was released yesterday, and has already been viewed 60,869,000.187 times.

  • The lyrics are short:
  • Sorry, I have already taken another plane
  • I’m not coming here again, I don’t want another disappointment
  • It’s so much, that you may pretend to be a champion
  • And you were there for me when I was weakest.
  • We are sorry, baby, it’s taken a while
  • I should have thrown it away
  • She-wolfs like me are not for rookies

What were the reactions of the audience to the song?

It is a popular song on social media platforms like Twitter, and has received millions of views. Many people love Shakira’s attitude while others simply love the lyrics. They were shocked at the way she addressed his ex-boyfriend, and girlfriend with this song.

What was the relationship between Shakira, Pique and ?

Pique and Shakira had been in a 11-year-old marriage, but split in June. They first met in 2010 during the Waka Waka world cup anthem.

Shakira did not marry Gerard as she wanted to be his lifelong girlfriend. They had two children together, Sasha and Milan, Age ten years each, and they are now living with Shakira.

She used to often say that she was very hurt after her separation from Gerard. Gerard was able to quickly move on from their decade-long affair and now we are talking about his current girlfriend.

Who are Gerard Pique and

Gerard Pique was born in Spain on February 2, 1987. He was a center-back and one of the greatest defenders in Spain when he played.

After Shakira released her latest song, Tweet and other media started to talk about him.


Gerard’s latest girlfriend pics and Shakira’s song are hot on social media. We discussed the topic because people wanted to know more. Watch the video track “Bzrp Musik Sessions, Vol. 53” video track available on YouTube.