You don’t need a platform to make donations. Danielle Stevenson (a fundraising coordinator from the United Kingdom) used the platform to raise money for the treatment of a person with cancer.

She organized the fundraising event for Graham Morris, also called Georgie Morris. Graham was diagnosed with a Grade-4 brain tumor. She is currently in need of approximately. Her treatment will cost her approximately 50 000 GBP. To raise funds, the fundraiser has been set up. Some philanthropists have reservations about donating to the fundraiser.

Is Georgie Morris Fundraiser Scam?

We reviewed the event online and determined that Danielle Stevenson organized it. Graham Morris (also known as Georgie Morris) organized the fundraiser. We are unable comment on the legitimacy and operation of this portal.

Georgie Morris stated that she was diagnosed in 2021 with bowel cancer. In Feb 2022, she received a routine brain checkup and was diagnosed as having Stage-1 secondary cancer. It was described by doctors as a Grade-4 CNS tumor. For her treatment, she needs 50 000 GBP. Therefore, the fundraiser has been set up to raise funds.

Is Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam?

After reviewing, we found key indicators that can help us determine whether it is legit or a fraud.

  • allows you to fundraise online. It’s free for you to host fundraising events.
  • Danielle’s statement on the platform does not support any evidence so it cannot be confirmed if it is true or false.
  • Additionally, the Instagram URL shared with the statement not to read the story is inactive.
  • There are many comments from donors and 46 605 GBP have been collected. You can see everything on the platform, as it is transparent.

To find out if Georgie Morris gofundme Scam, or legitimate before donating, you need to do your research. People make comments and post statements on the platform. However, there is not enough evidence to support these claims. More research and analysis are therefore required.

What’s the Latest Statement?

Danielle, the fundraiser organizer shared a revised statement on 21 April 2022. She reported that Georgie Morris received a new scan, which showed her tumor had not been further grown. However, there was swelling in her brain.

She needs more Chemotherapies. More money is necessary for her treatment. Despite all this, some United Kingdom don’t believe her and ask whether Georgie Morris Scam exists.

Finally, she asked her donors to make more donations to the cause and share the information more frequently to raise the necessary funds. She also thanked donors and acknowledged their donations.


Is an online fundraising platform that allows everyone to organize fundraisers. Many fraudsters are operating under the false name of fundraisers and people are easily falling for them.

Before you donate to the Georgie Morris Fundraiser please verify that Georgie Morris is legit or a scam. While it isn’t clear whether it is a scam, people are making donations and it can be seen on their platform.

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