Air conditioning units consist of electrical wiring and substances that can pose safety risks. This is why it’s always recommended to get a professional A/C maintenance service in Gladewater, TX

But for those who choose to deal with their A/C problem or perform maintenance tasks themselves, below are some general safety precautions to keep in mind. 

Make sure all electrical power has been disconnected.

All air conditioning units, regardless of their model or make, have live electrical parts. If not handled properly, you’ll be at risk of a serious burn, electrocution, explosion, or fire. Therefore, it’s always a must to disconnect all electrical power if you’re going to attempt to repair or even just clean a component. Some systems have more than one power switch. If you don’t know where the switches are located, better just leave any A/C task to professionals.

Wear appropriate protective gear.

Wear appropriate protective eyewear, clothing, or gloves, especially if you’re going to attempt to handle refrigerant. Contact with this chemical can cause many different types of injuries, such as frostbite and burns. Refrigerant may also mix with oil or any other substance, and the mixture can be acidic and cause burns.

Contact with the refrigerant can be too dangerous. So to be safe, call for an expert A/C maintenance service in Gladewater, TX if you think your A/C needs a refrigerant recharge. 

Use proper refrigerant.

Not all refrigerants are the same. Make sure to use only the serial label refrigerant if you’re going to recharge the A/C. Recharging your unit with a different refrigerant can increase system pressure and, at worst, can result in an explosion. Furthermore, using a different refrigerant can void your unit’s compressor warranty.

Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Make reading a habit. An air conditioning unit comes with a manual, which can be lengthy. But don’t skip it. Note that different types of equipment need different handling. So read everything in it, so you know exactly how to handle the equipment. Also, manufacturers usually include in their instruction to hire a professional to tune-up the unit. Not following the guidelines in the manual may put your life at risk. It may also void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Be vigilant of any changes with your unit.

If you notice anything weird with your air conditioning unit, like popping noise or rotten egg smell, you should take them as a sign of trouble. Immediately turn the unit off and contact a licensed technician. While not all problems that cause odd smells or sounds are imminent dangers, it is still better to take precautions so you won’t come to a sorry end.

Contact the Professionals

This is the best safety precaution you can make. When it comes to tune-up, nothing beats a professionalA/C maintenance service in Gladewater, TX. Licensed and experienced A/C technicians know exactly what they are doing. They know very well the dangers of air conditioning units. They have studied every safety precaution needed to make the operation safe for themselves and everyone around them. On top of that, by hiring professionals you won’t be putting your and your family’s safety at risk.

But of course, you also have to choose an HVAC contractor carefully. As you know, HVAC contractors aren’t the same. Make sure your chosen HVAC service provider is licensed, complies with industry standards, and proven dependable. You can figure out the latter by reading reviews left by legit customers on their website and any other review platforms like Yelp.

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