Are you an online banking user? Have you heard of General Error Brimo?

There were times when people had to visit the bank frequently, perhaps to deposit or withdraw cash. But now that everything is going hand in hand, internet banks have also come online with the introduction of the internet banking system.

Online banking saves your time and is very convenient for young people, but somewhere older people and remote areas lack these services.

Here, we will discuss the online banking app developed for Indonesian residents and what problems they face.

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about the application and the error; General Brimo error

The largest bank in Indonesia is developing the Brimo app to continue its online banking business. The app is similar to other online banking apps and is very easy to use.

BRI, better known as Bank Rakyat Indonesia, has introduced this app to its clients and offers them ample opportunities.

Some users are currently having some issues with the app and are trying to figure out what’s wrong. Here we will list some of the reasons that users are complaining about.

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What is a general Brimo error?

The problems and causes are listed below;

• Problem with the information that the application has been stopped; this error occurs when the user’s phone version does not support the application, in which case the phone must be updated to the latest version.

• Application disconnected; in this case, the application is currently undergoing some changes or there is no internet connection.

• Username and password are locked; This happens when a user has entered an incorrect password or username more than three times in a row. You will need to reset your password via the website or by visiting your bank.

• OTP code not found; according to Applasi Brimo The error during OTP registration is the most critical code needed as the further process is just starting. If the one-time password is not received, check the network connection or balance.

• the balance cannot be checked; this error occurs due to an internet connection failure or failure of the bank’s servers.

Are mistakes common?

Yes, every web application or website has bugs and glitches due to internet problems from both parties. Online banking errors can be resolved by logging in and out or simply by waiting a few minutes.

Let’s move on to conclusions.


Users are currently dealing with Applasi Brimo error and errors are common in online banking applications. These errors can be fixed quickly and there are no permanent solutions for them.

Users can visit the bank if errors recur frequently and update their device to the latest version.

Users of this app are also asked to try logging in and out of the app.

Readers, do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also tell us about the most common problem you encounter when using online banking.