Learn more on details about Karo VN Doiqua Com contest If you’re hoping to win amazing prizes for an affordable amount.

Karodoiqua.com.vn is a site owned by Hoang Mai Trading and Production Co Ltd Hoang Mai Trading and Production Co Ltd., which is a Vietnamese company that produces snacks and food products. Did you not know it is that Hoang Mai Trading Co has offered special prices for purchasing four types of cakes from Vietnam? Each package comes with a scratchcard that contains twelve alphanumeric characters that can be entered at Karodoiqua.com.vn.

Check out below for what Karo VN Doiqua Com andhas to offer on their website and how to claim prize.


Karo is one of the well-known cakes that are that is available in the following flavors. Scratch cards can be offered in different versions of the following four cakes:

  1. Karo Bong Fresh Egg Cake
  2. Golden Cheese Scrambled Egg Tarts
  3. Fresh Milk Cream With Strawberry Bird’s Nest Flavor Richy Karo Cake And
  4. Crispy Egg Butter Karo Cake

After you have entered the scratch card and click on the link, you’ll be directed to input names, addresses as well as your contact details. Every user will be given the chance to turn a luck wheel and get consolation prizes like 10,000 mobile phone recharges that amount to 10,000 VND.

Karo VN Doiqua Com Contest Details:

It is important to note that the contest will be active for 14 hours only, beginning at 8:00 am on the 25th of March 2022 until midnight on March 25, 2022. Codes for scratch cards entered after 10 pm on Karodoiqua.com.vn are not accepted. Furthermore, a scratchcard code must be entered once on Karodoiqua.com.vn to be able to take part in the contest.


  • The prize includes five Toyota Vios 1.5E MT 2022,
  • Twenty 1st prizes are regular Honda SH Mode 2022 CBS,
  • 200 2nd prizes are available. 1 Way the SHR-AW09C110 Sunhouse ACs of 9000 BTU
  • Karo VN Doiqua HTML1offers 600 3rd prize prizes, including the SHD-7713 Sunhouse air conditioners as well as
  • The 4th prize includes 6000 Richy Karo backpacks.

In total, Hoang Mai Trading Co will be offering prizes totalling 10084,000,000 VND. Within fifteen days, prize will be distributed Hoang Mai Trading Company’s office, which is located at Cau Giay district, Hanoi city. Additionally, SMS recharge vouchers will be delivered via SMS within 15 days. The customer must present proof of ID card as well as their Original Scratch Card to claim the cash prizes.

The Scratch code is delivered via SMS and handed to customer service in order to take part at the prize draw. Karo VN Doiqua Com is used to make scratch card entries and spin the wheel of luck. When the spin is complete users must contact customer service on 19003389 for more information about the selection of winners process.


Karodoiqua.com.vn is controlled by Hoang Mai Trading Co. The company is trying to promote its sale of KARO cakes with a huge amount of prizes. But, customers may not be able to win prizes on the lucky spinning wheel every time. Users can purchase additional packets of scratch cards in order to increase their chances of winning prize. We can’t guarantee its authenticity since it’s only one month old and has not received any reviews as of yet.

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