A few years ago, the vaping devices were created as a way to reduce smoking behaviors. Since then, they became more and more famous across the world and anyone has currently the possibility of buying one. A lot of different brands are selling vaping devices. We decided to highlight the brand Geekvape with this article. 

  • Overview of the company

Geekvape is a vape company that is offering affordable, authentic and efficient vape devices for everyone that is more than 21 years old. This business is specialized in durable and rugged products for any type of vapers. They are currently producing a large variety of products from single battery mods with low power to dual battery models with a significantly higher power. Their main and most known product is the Griffin RTA, a tank atomizer with the ability to fit large coils while putting out really good vapor as well as flavor. Since the first production of this product, the reputation of Geekvape kept increasing. Nowadays, this brand is more than well-known in the vaping industry. Moreover, this company is now manufacturing vape mods and sub-ohm tanks.  

The Griffin RTA costs less than $50 which make it a wise choice for smokers who want to transition to vaping without spending a consequent amount of money. This product is relatively easy to assemble with an efficient and design machining that anyone can combine together. The airflow controller of this vaping device will fit dual coils and each air slot measures 12 mm by 2mm. Thanks to this disposition, each draw will be pretty easy and relatively smooth. The Griffin RTA is slightly taller than other RTA and presents the Geekvape logo on the upper logo. This product will come in two colors : black and stainless steel. The vapor production as well as the flavor for this vaping device performs well which is why so many people decided to buy that product. 

  • How to use Geekvape 

Geekvape has a wide range of high-quality products that can sometimes be tricky to use. If you have a Geekvape and you’re not sure how to use it, then follow these guidelines. The following instructions are mainly made for Geekvape Aegis Legend.

  1. Turn on/ Turn off : to start your vaping device or when you stop using it, you will need to press the fire button in quick succession five times total. 
  2. Choosing a mode : with this device, you will be able to choose between various modes. To get to the mode selection screen, you will have to press three consecutive times the fire button. 
  3. Switching between modes : to change the mode that you were previously using, go on the mode screen and use the + and – button. When you’ve decided on a specific mode press the fire button one time. 
  4. Screen lock : if you need to lock the screen, simply press and hold the fire button as well as the + and – button simultaneously while using the screen.
  5. Brightness adjustment : in order to adjust the brightness of your vaping device, press and hold  the + and – button as well as the fire button.