is an online shopping store, so before we shop at any new online shopping store that we need to know about the website, some questions may come up in your mind like Is Scam? Is legit? What is Etc.

For a newer version, previous customer reviews and feedback are helpful. These comments can indicate a sign of “care” or a feeling of joy. Knowing the details about a fraudulent site can protect the country from being scammed and deterred.

Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of each and every customer to raise red flags, if any. This would help potential customers not to repeat the same mistakes. User customer reviews are really valuable and can prevent others from being trapped on the same site.

Therefore, we ask our current and potential readers of this article to leave their comments in the section provided below.

Offer and discounts:

There are many scam sites that offer claims that are too good to be true. They are likely to provide you with unexpected and off-season big discounts. Such situations are out of the box and create curiosity in people’s minds.

For example, if you want to buy a smartphone from an online store that may cost you between $ 800 and $ 1200, but suddenly you come across an online website that claims to sell the phone for only $ 200. So it is very obvious that the site is being replicated fraudulently. All they will do is invest their hard-earned money somewhere.

Site HTTP connection:

Registering on an unknown site can be dangerous if you provide your personal details. So you need to check if the address bar in the upper left corner of the site contains HTTP or HTTPS.

Fortunately, if the site contains HTTPS, it means that all your information, such as email address, password, and card details, is safe and protected from intervening and vindictive parties.

Although you need to check if the company name is included in the URL or not. If yes, you will understand that the website is actually controlled and managed by the company and not by someone who wants to scam people.

Website information:

You should check if the company has mentioned your details about address, contact, etc. These data are provided in the Contact section of the website. After you come up with the details, you can check if it is legitimate data or not.

You can contact at the mentioned number for further inquiries and you can google the address.

Is the website reliable?

In order for you to use a site, it must be trustworthy and not fake. Therefore, in order for you to inspect the hackers behind the company, you need to check it out before using it. Before you buy something or use the site in any way, you should Google the reviews of previous customers. These comments and reviews will help you understand the real reason for the company and the people behind it.

Can the website be described?

If you find the site looks ugly and designed in an abrupt manner, consider it a scam site. Because you should know that these scam people do not have enough resources to develop a professional site. These sites will use broken English; the contents will be placed incorrectly, etc.

Stay skeptical about Free Trails:

There are some malicious companies that catch people by claiming they have free trails. But it is observed that once you sign up for free routes, the company will claim the invoice unnecessarily. Therefore, we suggest that whenever you are convinced by such things, you investigate the site immediately.

Change your passwords weekly:

It is clearly advisable to check your passwords. As there is a time when we usually click on some popup messages or notifications that turn out to be scam. The people behind these messages are dealing with fraud and hacking our passwords. Therefore, we recommend that all our readers review their patterns based on time.

If you were scammed:

If you were scammed by any online shopping / make money online / investment online website and now you want your money back, then you need to get help from your bank.

Contact your bank and ask them to refund your unauthorized or fraudulent payments.

How to identify a fraudulent website online:

William Shakespeare’s play has a famous phrase: “All that glitters is not gold”; Similarly, not all awesome online shopping websites are real. Before buying from any unknown shopping website, you need to google it. If you don’t get any search results or there are negative results, never buy from such a site.

These sites display very good products at very low prices to attract customers. To be caught in their deception.

1. Type the name of the website into the search engine and look at the result carefully. If the website appears in the search engine and nobody has made a wrong comment about it, then you can trust.

2. How secure is the website connection. View the security status of the website in the address bar of the browser. The https page is generally considered secure. The payment page must start from https.

3. How much sport does the website bring to the customer? Go to your about us section and see. Call the customer service number

4. If the domain name has many hyphens or symbols, the domain names are similar to other websites, the domain name has a .biz or .info extension, then do some deep research on them.

5. Look at the layout, language, and grammar of the website. Stay away from the site if you see a deficiency in it.

6. If the website has too many ads, then you should hesitate.

Cash on delivery option:

Many times we get caught in the cycle of the cash on delivery option disguised as a fake looking website. For example, suppose a Rs 40,000 mobile phone is available for Rs 5,000 and there is a cash on delivery option.

In such a situation, one may think that if you order, if it arrives, then it’s okay, if it doesn’t arrive, then there is no loss. But maybe during the order, your phone is hacked or data is stolen. Therefore, it is good to stay away from suspicious websites.