Are you thinking about installing a new hot water system but too many options are confusing? Nowadays, water heaters are available in various categories such as:-

  • Electric water heating system
  • Gas water heating system
  • Solar water heating system

This is not all, these water heaters are further divided into many other categories. On the basis of efficiency and longevity, we prefer gas water heating systems. As the name is illustrating, this water heater requires gas energy for increasing temperature. Solar water heaters can’t work effectively in all seasons. Electric heating systems go useless if there is a power cut. 

The gas water heating system has some significant advantages that we are going to mention below. 

Advantages of using a gas water heating system 

  • Cost-effective

As compared to electricity, the cost of per day gas consumption is much lower. No matter whether your gas hot water system is working on LPG or propane gas, it will always remain cheaper than electricity. Also, the cost of a brand-new gas water heater system is lower than solar and electric water heaters. 

  • Fast heating

Water stored in a gas water heating system gets direct heat. It means you don’t have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes after turning on the water heating system. It very instantly started delivering hot water through your tap. Therefore, we also recommend this water heating system for commercial purposes where time is money. However, ask for a commercial water heater model if you want to install it in public places. 

  • Suitable for large families

Along with heating water faster, the gas hot water system also recovers faster. If there is a large family, it works effectively without making delays. You can use these water heating systems continuously for long hours without the issue of a short circuit. It can also be used as an alternative to tankless water heater. 

  • Low maintenance

Gas water heating systems require fewer components as compared to solar electric water heaters. Therefore, its maintenance is also convenient. 

  • Easy installation

The installation process of a water heater is relatively easier than solar electric water heaters. It requires fewer modifications in the plumbing system that saves your money. 

While buying a gas hot water tank system, you also have to be aware of its common technical problems. Below is a list for your convenience. 

Some common technical problems with a gas hot water system

  1. Sometimes, the gas water heating system fails to deliver hot water if the pilot is off. It halts the supply of gas that results in no hot water. 
  2. In some cases, the gas water heating system becomes too hot than usual. It happens due to the misalignment of thermostats. Make sure that the thermostat has been set to a safe temperature level. By default, most of the companies prefer 120 degrees temperature. 
  3. If the burner is not producing an adequate amount of flame, there must be some technical fault in the gas valve. It may need proper cleaning. If the part is malfunctioning, get assistance from a plumber for replacement. 
  4. If you are seeing rusty water while turning on the tap, consider oxidation as the main culprit. In order to avoid rust, it is advisable to go with the option of steel water tanks. 

Most of the technical issues with the hot water system require professional assistance in case of malfunctioning. It is advisable to hire an expert from a certified plumbing agency in this situation.