Gas Flow Meter: Tips To Select The Most Reliable And Accurate Device

Gas Flow Meter Tips

It could be that you are currently working on some new project and is required to measure natural gas flow. This may not be a custody application.

Rather, it can be an energy measurement taken to control natural gas consumption. So, what is the best available alternative for you to choose when selecting gas flow meter?

Applications to measure natural gas flow are not complex. However, the crucial part involved is to measure its accurate flow. According to the industry experts, the Flow Meter to measure natural gas flow needs to be easy and quick to install.

Moreover, it is expected to offer reliable and accurate measurements at all times. But then, how to choose the best meter to measure natural gas flow, especially if you are a first-time shopper?

With so many types and styles of devices readily available in the market, the selection process can be a tough and cumbersome one. The wrong selection will mean, you will not get accurate measurements and it will be only waste of money, energy and time.

Know the best meter types available in the market

  • Coriolis: This Paperless Recorder is considered to be the industry standard and can be installed quickly and effortlessly. It does offer high accuracy level.
    However, it is an expensive one among the lot. But the advantages that it has to offer users tend to outweigh disadvantages when used in the long term. In case, you are limited by your budget, then you can choose another measuring principle.
    This meter does not require an outlet or inlet run, thus making it superior to other products available in this segment. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.
    On vertical mounting, the fluid needs to go upwards. If mounted horizontally and temperature is quite high, then install the device head down. Otherwise, simply place it head up.
  • Vortex: You can find this device at the reputed portals like SilverInstruments.Com. However for most processes, it is not likely to offer the very best accuracy.
    For mass flow measurement, there will be required transmitter or pressure sensor. Thermal or Coriolis type is generally recommended even if the process details are unknown.
  • Thermal: It is considered to be the second best in this group after Coriolis as well as quite an economical option. This mass flow meter is regarded as the standard solution with regards to energy monitoring systems.
    However, it has an accuracy level that is a bit less than that of the Coriolis type. But its implementation cost is much lower thus making it quite popular among gas mass flow meter shoppers.

Wireless implementation

Once the desired gas turbine flow meter is installed, it is possible to save some money. For this, you need to implement wireless communication-based energy monitoring solution.

Although industry adoption is found to be a bit slow, it is gaining favour these days. Such measurements works similar to that of the traditional communication solution while providing more details.

Therefore, doing some research can help you gain knowledge about the different devices to measure natural gas flow.

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