Have you ever heard about Gangnam? Have you visited this area? If this place is new to you. Then this guide will help you to know more about it. Many people wanted to experience the best spot at Gangnam, The King city of Seoul.

It is the most famous area of Seoul. The famous thing about this area is that wealthy and celebrities live here. Moreover, it is common that you will see people with bandages in this area. The reason behind it is the high-end cosmetic surgery spot. 

What You Should Know About Gangnam

Maybe you are hearing about the district Gangnam first time. Maybe you are confused about whether it is a Gangnam station or anything else. No need to be confused. It is a district in which many things are present. These include Cheongdam-dong, Nonhyeon-dong, Sinsa-dong, and Samseong-dong. Moreover, it is a big district so you should have a lot of time to visit it completely. 

Besides, you must make a perfect plan for the tour of 강남더킹 city of Seoul. Maybe you will find it boring to see many buildings without having fun. So, having the right plan is necessary. 

Where To Stay In Gangnam

Though many hotels are present in this district, most hotels only cater to business travelers. As you know, there are many office buildings. At the same time, there are two most famous and beautiful hotels in this district where you can stay. Both hotels are located in the best place near a subway. 

What To See In Gangnam

Are you curious to know about museums, aquariums, and street art in Gangnam? It is not only the district having a museum and street art. It also has many other beautiful places besides k-pop celebrities and elites. So, you must know what to see in Gangnam. It is a great idea to join a walking tour. Otherwise, there are more chances that you will get lost. The best walking tour is Gangnam By Moonlight. You may also visit K-Pop locations, COEX, K-Star Road, and Bongeunsa at Gangnam, The King city of Seoul.

What to Eat Here?

Gangnam is the best place to see many new things. However, people don’t consider it a tourist place. But actually, it is. The district has beautiful shopping streets, art, museums, and many other places. 

Don’t think that you can visit this district in one day. You must have a lot of time to see this area. It is also good to visit Bukchon Hanok Village, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Gwangjang Market. These places represent the traditional culture. 

Final Verdict:

We have discussed much more in this guide about Gangnam, The King city of Seoul. Maybe you will find it not a good place but when you will visit it. Your experience will be outstanding. So, make sure to add this area to the tour list. Moreover, you should have a T-Money card when you go for a visit.