Hello, readers; Welcome to our revision article; We will discover a recently created site that has developed game consoles at a good price range in the United States.

If you are looking for a new console and you have decided to buy on this site, please do not hurry; Check out this article first because we found online shoppers do not know the legitimacy of this brand.

It will be preferable that you check the authenticity of this portal; After that, you can buy if you want. Let’s start the exam, whether authentic or not.

Does Gameover.sale a scam?

At first, it will be better to let you know that we have many loopholes that indicate that it is suspicious. In this case below, we will propose the faults, then please read this section until the end.

• The site recently entered the e-commerce market. The date of domain creation is February 22, 2021.

• The site offers free shipping in the world that is not possible.

• He did not provide the physical address of the company.

• it offers a return; However, no address is given.

• There is a lack of a customer service number.

• The details of the brand or the owner details are hidden. There will be no one to raise complaints about the case if it scams.

• There is a lack of social media presence.

• Although we have noticed Gamever.sale reviews on this site, we can not say how authentic these comments are because it does not have any information about the Internet.

• Although the Trust Index indicates 60%, its content is more than 80% plagiarized.

All these things have raised questions about his legitimacy.

What is the website of the game on the sale?

This is another virtual detail portal that brings game consoles for the United States. It is a new site with no separate product category. The interface of the site is practical and direct. When you browse the site, you will see the option “Collection of game consoles”; By clicking on it, you will be directed to the product page.

Finding is Gamever.Sale a scam or not; It offers Sony PlayStation 5, Dualsense PS5 wireless controller, etc., at discounted prices. Let’s see his specifications-

Specification of the website of the game on the sale:

• Domain Age: It was created 22 days ago.

• E-portal link: https://gameover.sale

• E-Portal Nature: The online retailer offers a delivery in the United States and around the world.

• Products offering: game consoles.

• Physical address: not mentioned on the

• Email ID: [email protected]

• Customer service number: No number is available on the site.

• Shipping Policy: The United States expedition takes nearly 7-15 days and the worldwide shipment takes 2-4 weeks.

• Cancellation availability: Yes can be obtained before the product is shipped.

• Shipping costs: Free shipping on a global scale.

• Applicable performance: Yes, within 40 working days after delivery.

• Gameover.Sale a scam: the site is suspicious.

• Refund details: People can receive a refund.

• Exchange: applicable on damaged or defective products.

• Payrolls: credit card.

What are the benefits of the sales website?

• It offers a video game console at an affordable price.

• It has email identification details, details of the shipping and return strategy.

• The site has an HTTP connection.

• Refund, exchange and cancellation are available.

• It is shipped around the world.

• Free shipping without minimum order amount.

What are the disadvantages of the sales website?

• Contact number and brand details are missing.

• Reviews are not available on the Internet.

• The site does not have a social media profile.

• It’s not yet popular.

• Payment can be made with only a credit card.

Gameover.sale Consumer Reviews:

We have observed several reviews with assessments on the site and, in an interesting way, all support five stars. How can we trust that? To find the truth, we studied different portals; However, we did not find any remark on this subject.

In addition, the site does not have a social media profile to check because we could not find how reliable these comments.

We want to tell our hearings that not to rely on these comments because they could be false or paid.

The bottom line:

In the last part of the article, we will evaluate the gamever.Sale a scam or not further. First, the site is too new, does not have any address, owner details, contact number as vital information. In addition, the collection is limited because we have seen only four products on the site.

The trust score is moderate, but it copied the content, no reviews and even any social media channel. As it is not suitable for purchasing purposes, our audience should review before deciding anything.