This article will tell you about the Duotrigordle. It is a word-based, challenge game that was inspired by Wordle and other spin-offs.

Do you enjoy word puzzles? Are you a Wordle player who plays Wordle every day without fail? Are you confident in your vocabulary? You must be intrigued to learn about another word-based puzzle.

We have provided facts about an online gaming platform in this report. Many people from different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Canada and the United States, want to know more about the game’s gameplay. This article will provide you with all the information necessary about the Game duotrigordle.

What’s Duotrigordle?

Duotrigordle, another spin-off of Wordle’s renowned parent game Wordle, is also available. To create this game, the developer also took inspirations from Hexadecordle and Octordle. The subject game is a combination of several word-based guessing games.

Who was the founder of Duotrigordle’s?

Bryan Chen, a Computer Science student from Waterloo University invented the game. He is keen to create such projects and let people enjoy them. He has a Ko-Fi account where he asks his fans to help fund his effort to improve the site.

How Many Times can one play the game Duotrigordle daily?

Every thirteen hours, a new Duotrigordle game is added to one’s device. This is contrary to Wordle’s 24-hour time limit. If the user views 12 midnight as the start of a given day, he will be able to play two new games in the same day.

The player can’t continue a game if the number has reached its maximum. Initial attempts were forty. According to the source code of the game on GitHub, it was changed by the developer to 37.

How to Play The Duotrigordle ?

This game’s official website has a multi-grid display. Duotrigordle requires that the user guess 32 words. The letters are displayed in the first row of the word to be guessed when the player enters the first guess. The color-coding is also displayed simultaneously.

The color hints look the same as Wordle. This means that the green tiles correspond with the correct letter at the right place. The yellow tiles also refer to the correct letter in an incorrect place. A block that isn’t colored means that the alphabet is missing from that word.

The Daily has the coloring appearing together in all thirty-two locations. The gamer can concentrate and only enter one word at a given time. The colors will still display for all words on the grid.

Duotrigordle can be described as a brainstorming exercise. In a limited time, the players have to guess correctly according to the colored hints. The portal has a practice mode that gamers can use to prepare for their games.


Wordle’s unique side-product is this game. To test their intelligence, gamers from all over the globe regularly play the Game duotrigordle. To see the most recent updates to the game, you can visit GitHub and check out the code of Duotrigordle.

Have you ever played Duotrigordle games? Can you guess all the words? Please leave a comment below.