You may be in a rut in your workouts or fitness regimen. Usually, when you notice a plateau, it is because you need to take your diet and exercise to a higher level. This might sound like it would be too intense to handle, but there are ways for you to build your endurance. If this sounds like something you are interested in, continue reading for tips on how to increase your tolerance when you work out. 


Adding new nutrients and supplements to your diet is a great way for you to increase your energy level. This could look like drinking or taking caffeine supplements before you head to the gym. You also need to make sure that you have enough electrolytes in your diet to support the energy that you burn. 

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Combined Workouts

When you head outside or to a fitness center to get a good workout, you should start incorporating cardio with strength training, instead of opting for one or the other per day. Many people have a cardio day and then do weight lifting the next day. Doing both on the same day will challenge your heart more and therefore strengthen it. 

You could really benefit from trying pushups and then heading to the treadmill and running a mile. Then start over and do the pushups again and so on. This will take your workout to the next level and stimulate your cardiovascular system. 

Forget Routines

When you do the same thing each day, your body becomes accustomed to the pattern you give it. In the beginning, you will notice an improvement in your muscle mass and energy level when trying a new routine, but eventually, you will get stuck in a rut. Some say your body knows what to expect after two weeks.

The goal is to trick your body when you work out. Expose yourself to new things and you will begin to see a difference. If you always run in the mornings, start biking. If you normally walk after work, try stair-stepping instead. This will cause your body to use different muscles and burn more calories. 

Reduce Rests

If you allow yourself thirty to ninety seconds in between sets to recover, then you should try shortening that time to fifteen to twenty seconds. If your goal is to increase your endurance then you want to decrease your resting time. The only time you should allow yourself to take a break is when you physically cannot continue.

You should try creating a series of workouts in increments of 10 to 15. Like 10 push ups, then 10 sit ups, then 10 pullups, try doing three or four rounds and only take a break when you absolutely have to. You should be breathing heavily and sweating profusely. This builds your energy levels. 

Get Eruptive

Do your best to make dramatic movements when you are working out. This could look like doing burpees when you would normally take a rest or in between sets. You could even try doing jumping jacks at the beginning and end of your workout or even pushups. When you have a lull or downtime, that is the time to add something explosive to your workout. 

Anything that will require an extra boost of energy and take your workout to a new level is the goal. Try high knee kicks or jogging in place to start after you stretch to get your blood pumping and your heart racing. You will surely notice an increase in your stamina after a couple of weeks. Although in the beginning, you will probably feel exhausted. It will help you get to your goal and will be worth it in the end.