Want a better career by learning Cloud technologies? Want to showcase your expertise in Amazon Web Services? Have you seen the salaries of developers who master AWS and want to be in the know?

Then you should consider studying and getting some AWS Certifications Noida to master Amazon Web Services.

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the epitome of certification required by any expert present in the IT field and in those businesses that use AWS. The AWS Certification Noida byMeghdoot Associateshelps an individual to get a basic understanding about the AWS and generally includes information about the core AWS and some essential knowledge about using the AWS solutions. This is the certification that any professional using AWS should pass.

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate

This type of AWS Certification is best suited for those companies that have a link or work in the IT sector and usually make use of AWS. This AWS Certification Noida shows that you can positively build a technical solution by deploying AWS and continue maintaining the same solution until the end.

There is no doubt in the fact that this needs some experience in developing and using solutions by making use of AWS.

  • AWS Developer

Getting expertise in this means that the person holding the AWS Certification as a developer is able to develop applications completely by deploying AWS. Here, along with having a basic knowledge about the AWS, an advanced learning is also required so that the individual/developer is able to understand and use AWS for making and developing applications of any kind.

  • AWS SysOps Administrator
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If you are in systems administration, you might be interested in AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. It is designed specifically for system administrators and demonstrates competence in integrating the AWS environment into another system. The required knowledge includes workload balancing management, AWS best practices, and an understanding of the AWS service tailored to specific business needs.

  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional

As a continuation of the Associate-level Solutions Architect certification, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification is designed for slightly more experienced AWS developers. This certification shows that you are capable of developing complex applications using the AWS architecture.

  • AWS DevOps Engineer

If your business is already making use of AWS network, then having an AWS Certified Advanced Networking certificate holder will help you a lot. This AWS certification shows that the certified person can carry out complex network jobs by deploying core AWS network services offered by Amazon.

  • AWS Alexa Skill Builder

The AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder certification is the certification that validates your technical expertise in the creation, testing and deployment of Amazon Alexa skills. This exam is for anyone who is developing Alexa Skills.

  • AWS Security

Safety must be a top priority for every solution and technology. The cloud is no exception, and the AWS Certified Security certification aims to increase IT professionals’ knowledge of security. It validates experience and knowledge on how to secure an AWS environment and deployment.

  • AWS Machine Learning

Machine learning is considered to be one of the most significant growing technologies during the past few years. Among the different types of services and certifications offered by AWS, AWS Certified Machine Learning certification also helps in demonstrating one’s expertise in the field of AWS.

  • AWS Data Analytics
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The AWS Certified Data Analytics certification is intended for individuals with training in Data Analysis and experience using AWS for the design and architecture of big data solutions.

  • AWS Database

The AWS Certified Database certification validates that you have a comprehensive understanding of all of the AWS database services offered. This exam is for anyone who works with databases and deploys databases with AWS.


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