Who is G3tr0bux2020 ° Pw °? Why are people claiming that this user is scamming everyone?

Roblox fans from Canada, UK and USA are furious about this new scammer hacking Roblox accounts. In the world of Roblox, scams have become a regular thing.

Hackers and crooks hack other users ‘games, defraud them, steal their users’ passwords, and delete their accounts. Fans who are dedicated and religiously play this game are often upset when their accounts are hacked.

The game’s official website has repeatedly warned fans not to get involved with unassociated websites that could expose your account to hacking.

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G3tr0bux2020 ° Pw °; about Roblox

Roblox is an online gaming platform with many games; here, players can create their own world and realize their imaginations. The game was first released in 2006. From there the game was only successful and managed to gather a loyal crowd.

Players can play and level up and finish the game whenever they want; Roblox is a free game to play on any platform be it laptop or PC.

Roblox has fans all over the world, and the numbers keep increasing as we read. The game empowers the players, which makes it more interesting.

G3tr0bux2020 ° Pw °; about Robux

Well, the game might be free, but in-game purchases like props and costumes aren’t free. The game has its digital in-game currency, which the player gets after completing a level or during any rewards event.

The game has its store where all accessories are available and can be purchased through Robux. Collecting Robux is a very difficult task, and the difficulty level keeps increasing as the level increases.

Since 2006, many online Robux generators have been present on the internet, and most of them are scams that will either hack your account or steal your needed credentials.

What is it about?

G3tr0bux2020 ° Pw ° is the username of an account on Roblox, and fans claim that this user is hacking and scamming other players. A post was found on the internet, and in the comments section players are saying two things.

Firstly, this is a scam, and gamers shouldn’t go for it, and secondly, gamers say this to give them free Robux.

Here, according to our research, we can notice that this user is telling other Roblox players that he is providing free Robux, and he is scamming them with it.


Such scams are happening every day in the world of Roblox today. It was G3tr0bux2020 ° Pw ° the next day; the username will change to something else. It’s a never-ending process.

According to the official website, gamers are advised to stay away from those scammers and scam websites that offer free Robux as the game does not like the approach.

Many players have hacked their accounts in this way, and the use of such websites should be avoided.

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