Sardar Group of Companies is constructing Taj Residencia, a huge project close to CDA Areas I-14, I-15, and I-16. It is accessible from the Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. The Sardar Group of Companies likewise built the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. Five Marla prices of adjacent sectors (I-14, 15 & 16) are approximately 60 Lac (with ownership), 34 lac (without construction), and 35-40 lac (with ownership). It demonstrates that there will be a significant capital benefit in the future.

The Sardar Group of Companies developed the Taj Residencia. The business that built Islamabad’s most famous structure, The Centaurus Mall. Taj Residencia would be a copy of previous projects, as seen by its extensive architecture. One of Taj Residencia’s significant projects is the construction of The Centaurus Mall-2 inside the community.

About Taj:

The Centaurus Mall 2, Twin Towers, and a variety of other state-of-the-art articular structures and facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and Masjids, will be accessible to inhabitants of Taj Residencia. One end of this civilization contacts the M-2 highway, making it convenient to travel to other cities. Taj Residencia would be only 5-7 kilometers from the New International Islamabad Airport once roads are completed.


So far, the initiative has not failed. Taj Residencia NOC has received approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), responsible for the project. The development has been going well. One of the project’s marketing advantages is that, even though it is recently launched, four of the eleven units have been constructed, with others in the works. If that wasn’t sufficient, you can also take possession of such blocks and start building your home with only a 50% down payment. For plots in construction blocks, some sellers are charging an offering premium of roughly PKR 200,000. The rates would be changed when the project is formally launched early next year. We estimate that they would add PKR 700,000 to the costs of each plot type.

Taj Residencia is a good investment due to its current development level, legalities, and value. Industry experts created this luxurious concept with a wealth of knowledge. Taj Residencia seems to be the only option for any businessmen or buyers seeking a property to live in. Nonetheless, there are several advantages to purchase in Taj Residencia. A few examples are as follows:

  • Excellent Location
  • Registered Business
  • Luxurious Residence
  • After making a down payment, you will be able to take possession.
  • Well-Organized Map & Building Plan
  • Extravagant Master Plan
  • Utilities are available.
  • Opportunities for Expansion
  • Attractive characteristics
  • Plot Sizes in a Variety of Sizes

Future of Investment:

We advise making a long-term commitment to the endeavor. While a short-term investment may offer satisfactory rewards, you can anticipate long-term results to be far superior. Sigma Properties suggest the undeveloped blocks to investors. The preferred choice would be to use category plots. As a result, when the values are amended, an added amount will be instantly added to these costs; however, given the current rate of development, new blocks may be constructed shortly, implying that a seeking premium may be introduced within a year. This inevitably corresponds to a large profit margin.

Given the developer’s rapid rate of construction/approval, the neighborhood will ultimately grow in size to cope with these developments – however, this transformation is estimated to take roughly five years. So, if you’re a long-term investor or a serious buyer looking to build a home in the next two years or so, society is a viable option. The project is particularly worth exploring since it will have a substantial commercial area and a variety of amenities such as parks and an educational building. We anticipate it to eventually function as the commercial hub for both I-14 & I-15.

Long-term investors may benefit in the same way as the enterprise and its nearby region grow. Prices will rise dramatically over time, making this a trend to keep an eye on! We’re all in favor of putting money into the project. The fundamental cause for this is, of course, the rate and magnitude of development. Development has been accelerating, and families should be able to live in the developed areas within a year. The Taj Residencia and Park view city developers are eager to complete the project as soon as possible because it will create an atmosphere and aspirations that people will connect with Pak Gulf Construction. They want to set a good precedent as they broaden further within this venture and then into other cities in Pakistan.


Taj Residencia is an excellent investment opportunity shortly. The amount of money you have may influence your investment decision. Sigma Properties is confident that the Sardar Group of Companies will perform once more and that Taj Residencia will become a benchmark. This project is one of the best right now if you’re looking for investment income or a healthy existence.

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