Being a parent requires a lot of time and it is a job that has no off days and does not end. This is why new parents often seek advice from other parents. One of the first places new parents ask for advice is from their parents. Below are some advices you can give your kids on how to raise your future grandkids;

Always buy larger clothes

One of the most common mistakes new parents make is buying tiny baby girl or baby boy clothes. While babies are usually very small when they are born, one thing you must understand is that babies grow up so fast. Therefore, some clothes that fit them when they are newly born may not fit after a month or a couple of weeks. Therefore, when shopping for newborn baby clothes, like baby boy clothes, it would be wise to go a size larger so you do not have to keep shopping after each growth spout.

Do not neglect your alone time

As a new parent, it is hard to get alone time because there is always something to do. It takes a while to reach a place where you can relax and take some time for yourself. However, you must recognize the importance of alone time. Taking some time away from the mommy duties will keep you from having a mental breakdown. It will also help you make better decisions because you won’t be constantly tired.

If the baby is asleep, you should be asleep also

One of the biggest challenges that parents with newborn kids face is lack of sleep. This is because the kids often do not sleep for several hours consecutively. Therefore, you cannot count on getting sleep at night. This means that you must take advantage of the times when the baby is asleep, even if it is during the day. For some parents, this can be difficult, especially if they do not have help and they have work to accomplish when the baby is down. However, you can always let everything else be at least a couple of times per week.

Consider developing a schedule for your child

It would be wise to develop a schedule as a new parent. The schedule will help reduce the chaos in the house. It will also come in handy as the baby continues to grow. However, do not put so much pressure on yourself to come up with a schedule. Take it one day at a time, understand your child and his or her needs so you can develop a better schedule. Also, understand that all kids are different. Therefore, if you have more than one child, do not try imposing the same schedule your older child had on your new one.


Understand that somethings you have to learn as you go. There is no particular parenting guide that can give you all the answers you need. Therefore, as much as you may want to prepare your kids for future parenting, it would be wise to also remember to take things one day at a time.