Acquiring FIFA Coins in UT mode is fun and the success of a team created with them is very rewarding. For some players, however, the speed at which they can acquire Coins through conventional means is not enough – in this case, FIFA Coin sellers come to the rescue and offer attractive packages for purchase online. Where is the best place to buy them? Are there places to avoid? We answer these questions below. It’s worth arming yourself with knowledge that could save you from losing your team.

FIFA Coin – what is it?

FUT Coin is a virtual currency created for the Ultimate Team mode of the FIFA games. Coins give the player almost unlimited possibilities in terms of team development. With a certain number of them at your disposal, you can make transactions on the transfer market (e.g. buy packs and player cards) or enter other game modes (e.g. FUT Draft). Although EA Sports has prepared various options for acquiring FUTCoins, collecting a sizeable sum can be quite a challenge, especially for first-time players.

Buying FUT Coins – what is worth knowing?

In the Internet space, you will find many FIFA Coin sellers who encourage you to buy Coins on popular auction sites and social media. Not all of them are honest sellers, as many of them lure gullible players, hoping, for example, to scam their UT account access data.

To complete an order, it is necessary to provide the seller with information such as:

– WebApp e-mail;
– WebApp password;
– 6 Back Up Origin Codes.


An honest seller should never ask you for your email password! Without access to it, you can transfer Coins to your player account, but without being able to tamper with sensitive areas of your account.

FIFA Coin sellers – where to look for them?

Let’s start with where not to buy Coins. It is advisable to avoid uncertain sources and entities that have been selling for a short time. Firstly, it is difficult to check the integrity of such a person or institution. And secondly, choosing this option involves another risk. Incompetent transfer of FUT Coins to the account, may result in the detection of such an operation by EA and the imposition of a transfer market blockade on the player.

When looking to fund your FUT account, choose sources that have good recommendations. Thriving sites that handle hundreds of transactions a day and have thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers offer a guarantee of safety.

On the one hand, you as a customer do not have to fear fraud, money theft or the risk of your account being hacked.

On the other hand, with such entities, the detectability of transfers by EA is practically zero. Procedures refined over the years and changes made on an ongoing basis in response to improvements in EA’s detection methods, allow you to avoid unpleasantness such as account zeroing or banning.