One of the first life assignments a newly married couple work on together is transitioning a house they choose into a beautiful home. After the ideal wedding, the next big expense that sets in is setting up the home. That’s why it’s important to plan the move incorporating both partners’ style sense, comfort, furniture requirements, daily routines and other basics – all within budget. A great place to start would be to browse websites like Wakefit that show a range of absolute-must furniture online for you to choose from and allocate a budget against each room.

Not sure where to start? Jot down the following as your list to start with your partner as you move into the first chapter of your life as a couple.

King-size or Queen-size Wooden Bed

Sharing your home includes sharing your mattress too. And with two different sleep patterns and habits coming together, the last thing you want is to fight for space in bed or be disturbed during sleep. Invest in a king-size or queen size wooden bed with a mattress that will assist in comfortable sleep while supporting the mattress’s long life with a sturdy frame. The latter ensures durability to the mattress by holding it in place comfortably. king size tv bed is really an awesome choice for a newly married couple you can prefer in your room.

Mattress to Go with the Bed

Mattresses also come with a variety of fillings. Choose one that best suits both your sleep positions. Memory foam mattresses are best friends of co-sleepers with different sleep patterns and positions. Its innate ability to contour the sleeper’s position makes it feel like a comforting hug from the mattress without jeopardising spine health. What’s better? It has a zero motion transfer feature that ensures your sleeping partner doesn’t get a rude shock when you decide to elbow into bed early hours of the day after binge-watching your favourite series. Win-win! Ensure you shop with the industry pioneers who have years of research under their belt with regards to quality sleep. Different firmness levels, sizes, dimensions – the options are many for your partner and you to revive yourselves for the next day at affordable prices.

4 Door Wardrobe

Remember the days when a single wardrobe was enough to house all your items? Now it’s plus one. Instead of instantly purchasing a large and bulky traditional wooden almirah that’ll hog your space, go smart and pick a sleek 4 door wardrobe that not only matches your interiors but has plenty of storage. Pick one that has a combination of storage types that have hang, fold and tuck away options.

Wooden Bedside Table

We cannot stress the importance of this overlooked piece of furniture. Having a bedside table is a must to prop your nitty gritties that you use just before bedtime – for example, your glasses, medicines, chargers, bed lamps, essential jewellery (your wedding ring!), tech like laptops, ipads, books, candles etc. Buy a wooden bedside table on either side of the bed to give a cohesive look. More importantly, buy one that has plenty of storage options in the form of drawers, so you can neatly tuck away clutter.

Coffee Table

The living room is going to be your entertainment haven. Chances are you’ll be busy hosting friends over to show off your new home and decor. Why not pick an aesthetic yet smart coffee table at the centre of the living room to cosy your couches around? A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to pick one that is two-thirds the size of your sofa. Opt for one that has storage options to tuck away your favourite packaged snacks, blankets or throws to cuddle with, extra plush cushions and other clutter. Don’t forget that coffee table surfaces often get dirty with potential spillages from drinks, food, and other items. Pick one that’s easy to clean and maintain regularly with basic soap and water.

Sofa set

Continuing from the point above, couches have many purposes. To relax, unwind, entertain guests or just to catch a snooze. Whatever your purpose, pick one that suits both your needs and is the perfect size for your living room. Ensure to buy a living room sofa set with a sturdy frame and fillings that support comfortable seating – firm for sitting upright and hosting guests, soft for a casual lie in. If you are a chronic napper, opt for a sofa cum bed that can transition between a seat and a bed in just under a min. These come in a variety of colours and textures that enhance the look and feel of the living room too. Did we mention it’s great to cuddle with your better half in?

Book shelf

A bookshelf not only tells stories by the authors of the books propped up but displays a wide variety of exciting topics to converse about with friends and your loved one. Stack up or display an array of books and collectables that can be an excellent conversation starter in any living room. If space is an issue, check out the ladder inspired, zig-zag shaped book shelf. It’s quirky, has plenty of display space with 5 shelves and will neatly sit in any corner. Fill this beautiful piece of furniture with all your memories together in the form of pictures, souvenirs, gifts and other memorabilia. Not a fan of the typical bookshelf? The opt for the Sheesham Wood bookshelf is perfect for the minimalist who wants to elevate a space. It has an ergonomic design that makes storing books easy. In case you multipurpose your living space as your office too – this bookshelf is perfect for plonking files and important papers too.

Being newly married, there are many decisions to make together. Don’t sweat the ones on furniture requirements for your new abode by following the above list. A valuable tip is to size up your space and browse online first to get a vibe of the theme you both are most attracted to. Further on, get playful with textures, colours and accessories to enhance the furniture purchased. Leave commitment to the marriage, get playful with your décor!