Are you interested in learning more about Fungoodd? Today we are going to show you Fungoodd, an ecommerce shop. The website sells multiple products, for different purposes such as cleaning, house decor, electronic items, and essentials. All at reasonable prices.

The website is also receiving inquiries from United States customers. Furthermore, the main purpose of the site is to get the global market. We did however discover some unusual points about the site that we discussed in these FUNgoodd Reviews. Please continue reading.

Find out more about Fungoodd is an international online shopping site that sells various products like electronics, cleaning, essentials or home decoration. The website has limited products and appears fresh. You can also find the following products: lift kitchen bracket, outdoor string lights, data cable plus stand, cleaning cloth, and suction cup lamp.

Additionally, the website offers customers many incentives such as a 60-day free return policy, two free shipping orders, and a 100% money back guarantee. To make sure the site’s legitimacy, shoppers should carefully read Does Fungoodd Legit.

What are Fungoodd’s features?

  • Domain name creation date-27/05/2022
  • Website URL-
  • Products- Multiple products
  • Customer care email address- [email protected]
  • Call: 442086385417
  • Physical address: 372 Southampton Row Great London WC1BSHJ
  • Transportation costs – Free shipping when you spend +$35
  • Payment methods: American Express (JCB), Discover, PayPal and MasterCard
  • Social media links – provided
  • Shipping period-10-12 business days
  • Material exchange and return within 14 Days
  • Refund policy- no estimated period mentioned
  • Newsletters

For more information, see these Fungoodd Reviews.

What advantages does shopping at Fungoodd offer?

  • The complete contact information was included on the site.
  • International shoppers including those in the United States can get delivery at a minimum of $35
  • The site offers a free 60-day return policy.
  • Customers can get their money back with the money-back promise.

What’s the downside to shopping on Fungoodd

  • You can only upload a limited number of products to the website.
  • It is difficult to use the site’s interface.
  • It isn’t available on any social media platform.
  • Negative comments are often made on the Internet.

Is Fungoodd Legit?

This segment contains all necessary information to validate the site’s authenticity. There are also many red flags about this website. This is why interested shoppers should do thorough research before calling anyone.

Please take note of the information below.

  • Domain creation date – according to the latest research, the domain name for the website was established on the 27th of May 2002. This is less than six month ago.
  • Customer reviews- There is a section on the website that lists review pages, but none hold real Fungoodd Comments.
  • Domain termination date – The domain will cease to exist after one year. This will occur on 27/05/2023.
  • Trust index score- This website’s domain has just been launched, so it has an unexpectedly low trust score, of 1%.
  • Trust index rank – On a scale from zero to 100, the website has earned a 39.2% trust score which is lower then the expectations.
  • Social media connections- Although all the popular icons of social media are identified on the site, they do not contain links that will take you to the relevant page.
  • Validity of Address- All information is listed on the site’s contact information pages, however, these details are derivative.
  • Impersonated content – The site actually copied every detail; therefore, the entire site’s content is plagiarized.

Shopping Fungoodd Review

To verify the validity of the site, we needed to know what the ratings and opinions of shoppers were. Additionally, we searched various sources for information such as Trustpilot, social media platforms, and other websites to get the reviews.

Additionally, the official site lists pop-up notifications that contain details about recent purchases. Trustpilot however, has negative reviews and ratings. So, shoppers are advised to stay away from this website.

Final verdict

Therefore, customers are advised to carefully review these FUNGOODD Reviews to avoid any potential scams by such fraudulent sites.