When My Little Pony was first released, it was an instant hit. Within a month, the game had become one of the top-selling toys. Not only that, but the game and the merchandise it came packaged with became collector’s items as well. Today, numerous products are available for children who want nothing more than to play this fantastic game. In this article, I will introduce one such product.

My Little Pony Features

My Little Pony is a tabletop role-playing game for children ages three and up. Similar to the popular computer game franchise, My Little Pony features ponies of all different breeds. Players assume the role of a pony and wander the landscape in search of quests, battling evil creatures and earning gold along the way. Much like any other tabletop role-playing game, one can find many accessories available to enhance the game experience. Among those are accessories that allow for table top action and My Little Pony games for girls.

Accessories that add to the magic include several board games, card games, and even pencil and paper games. In addition to allowing children to enjoy playing the games, they can also use them as an opportunity for friends to join in on the fun. With the Ponyville expansion pack, one can easily spend time with friends and family playing this fantastic game.

Challenges & Puzzles

  • The Ponyville expansion pack features a town playground. Here, children can take turns playing different types of games. Among these are races, grooming challenges, and balloon tossing.
  • If one is looking to have a good time, My Little Pony games for girls can be used as a form of escape from reality as they help My Little Pony overcome challenges and puzzles.
  • Among the best things for kids with this particular game is the My Little Pony t-shirts. These are not ordinary t-shirts that one would see adults wearing.
  • They feature realistic cartoon images of My Little Pony characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, etc. These come in all sorts of styles and designs and are suitable for boys or girls.
  • Pony-related accessories are among the items that are great for kids when it comes to My Little Pony coloring pages. There are lots of things that feature My Little Pony’s most prominent characters.

For Example

There are shoes, caps, bags, costumes, and posters that feature pony merchandise. Other items include clocks, coasters, pillows, stickers, and more. All of these things can be bought at retailers that focus on merchandise geared toward little girls. With the right retailer, one can find great finds for any child.

Party Kits

Among the most popular of these items is the My Little Pony: Friendship Games party kit. This kit contains decorations for a magical Friendship Day event, complete with all kinds, invitations, favors, and more. There are also fun party games and items for the girls. They include pinning the tail on the donkey, pony trivia game, musical chairs, and much more. This kit is available for sale online. Other great things for kids with pony games for girls include stuffed toys, jewelry and even dresses for girls and hats.


Among the best things for kids with My Little Pony games are the games themselves. Not all game kits are made equally, so parents need to look at the quality of the things for kids before purchasing them. The best quality among these items for kids includes the My Little Pony flash game and the official pony magazine. The flash game allows children to interact with the My Little Pony characters while playing the game, and the magazine features news articles about the show and lots of other stuff.