Do you enjoy horror mysteries? You may have heard of Freddy’s five-night stay. You should know about the compilation of atrocity fiction, which is becoming well-known in the United States.

The collection of stories that will captivate even the brave players won’t be lost by the avid gamers. Yes, We’re talking about Tales the Pizzaplex. This amazing collection of stories is enough to shake even the most serious enthusiasts.

Let’s find out if it is still available. More details are below.

What is FNAF exactly?

Five Nights of Freddy’s Horror is a role-playing entertainment that combines suspense and horror. It revolves around performers who act as safety guards and survey vacant spots during graveyard transformations.

The game is a great success. There are always more. Each event increases the fiction’s scope, personalities, as well as its galaxy.

Every week, new series arrive. This prompts the tale to its conclusion and fully clarifies the events and dilemmas that were the beginning of the fun.

What is From Tales the Pizzaplex, you ask?

It is a compilation that follows the FNAF paradox atrocity fiction. Scott Cawthon compiled the editions.

It was first revealed on October 14, 2021. The procession, which will include Lally’s entertainment, will start on July 19, 20,22.

Each story has three atrocity stories, each one spiraling around the other as we have discussed. The sequel features recurring appearances as well as new contentions such Lally, Happs, and others.

While the From Tales book is an early overview, the stories of the Pizzaplex book were set on the planet that has the most recent events.

This is why it’s so trendy

This book is recommended for those over twelve years old.

The tagline, which has been controversially trending and is best kept secret, is one of the mysteries. Although the title will be published on July 19, 2022, people can’t wait.


The book will publish on July 19, 2022. It is also available for pre-order via Amazon. Lally’s Game: An AFK Book’s First Volume From Tales the Pizzaplex carries a grade 7-9 and consists 256 pages.

Anyone aged 12+ years is allowed to read this astonishment.

It weighs 1.11 lbs in baggage. The English language makes it easy to read for all readers. It will come with a souvenir dress with the eligibility for repayment, reimbursement, and reserve.

To order it in advance, click on the button for pre-order. You can order it in kindle or paperback. Worldwide shipping is also available. Prices will vary.


Final verdict: From Tales the Pizzaplexis new to the market for FNAF fans. Even if FNAF doesn’t interest you, horror mystery is a good genre to read.

This is your chance to get this book and satisfy your soul. We have provided all necessary information.