Friendspire is really making a spark in the life of many users. At Friendspire, our goal is simple – to help you find the best of everything. Everything that you enjoy – movies, books, food, and more – you name it, your friends and Friendspire will help you find it.

How It Works

You download the app and bring your friends onboard. Once you are on, they start leaving their reviews for books they have read, the restaurants they have visited, movies they have seen, podcasts they have listed to, and more.

Friendspire brings you unadulterated reviews from your friends, saving you hundreds of hours wasted on entertainment, food, and books that do not make you happy. So, the next time you want to do something exciting in your free time, a trustworthy and relevant recommendation is just around the corner.

We are a social network of reviews.

What Categories Are Available?

Just about everything that makes you happy. Here’s a quick list for you:


Spend a day with a fantastic book. Dive into the surreal universes created by the world’s greatest minds. And retain the ‘high’ by following it up with another.

TV Shows

Don’t waste your time scrolling the movie recommendations aimlessly; start watching the most amazing TV shows in the genre of your choice.

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Movies have been around for more than a century. With the right recommendations, you won’t be forced to watch a mediocre one.


Podcasts are a dime a dozen. Discover exciting podcasts from celebrities, comedians, and others who you find interesting. Your friends already know what you love.


Break the habit of eating the same food again. Explore a little and guarantee a good experience by looking through your friends’ reviews who have been there.

Bars & Clubs

Let your hair down and visit the coolest bars & clubs around. You can find the ones that match your rhythm. See which ones your friends liked.

What Can I Do?

Like any community, you can get the most out of Friendspire only when you contribute to it. So, share your opinion on everything that comes your way. You’ll discover that you can earn badges after making a certain amount of reviews in each category, which makes the review process fun.

Moreover, you can also create lists of your favorites and save them right within the app. So, anytime you are in the mood for a good read, entertainment, or grub, you will know exactly where to look.

No Friends on Friendspire?

Even if your friends have not joined Friendspire yet, you can fall back on our expert recommendation to enrich your everyday experiences. We curated lists in all of our categories and have featured reviewers that you can follow. You will always have relevant and updated content, no matter how many friends you have on the app.

Life is too short for money spent at bad restaurants and time wasted on bad movies. Live your best life guided by the company of people you like and love.