Q: How to judge whether you are suitable for Microsoft certification?

A: MCSA certification includes the skills that network administrators, network engineers, system administrators, IT engineers, information system administrators, network operation analysts, network technicians and technical support professionals should master, as defined in the  “Standards for IT Industry Technical Engineers of National Labor Center” and other worldwide related studies. The MCSA certificate is designed for IT professionals working in large organizations with complex computing environments. Candidates who want to obtain MCSA certification should have 6 to 12 months of network operating system and client management experience, and the network environment should have the following characteristics: 200 to 26,000 or more user support. 2 to 100 physical nodes (endpoints) support. Typical network services and resources include network communication, database, file and print, proxy server, firewall, Internet and LAN, remote access and client computer management. Network connectivity includes the connection of office LAN, the connection of remote personal users and company internal network, and the connection of company internal network and Internet.

Q: I am a MCP Microsoft Certified Professional already. If I continue to get MCSA certification, will MCP help me to get MCSE certification?

A: MCSA certificate is an independent certificate designed to represent the function of network management. If you plan to pass the MCSE certification, the MCSA certification will prove that you have some skills required by the MCSE certification. After obtaining the MCSA certificate, you must pass the following examinations to obtain the MCSE certificate.

Q: Where can I get the results of the Microsoft certification examination?

A: Log in to the MCP assurance site and apply with online tools.

Q: Is Cisco certification an alternative to the optional test required for Microsoft certification?

A: The third party certification that can be accepted must be awarded by those independent units, and can prove that they have specialized skills in hardware management, such as network server and desktop PC, and can also complete other standard hardware management work. Because Cisco certification is not an independent certification awarding unit, and it can only prove professional ability in network hardware management, it can not replace the optional examination required by MCSA certification.

Q: What are the benefits of Microsoft certification?

A: Obtaining Microsoft certification will confirm your professional ability in Microsoft products and technologies. In the IT industry, your boss, customers and colleagues will regard your MCSA certification as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you gain through practice. Microsoft certification will prove that you have the ability to implement Microsoft business solutions in your organization or customers successfully. Those who have received MCSA certification will receive a welcome kit, including a disk pack, certificate, and an MCSA logo that can show your MCSA certification to your colleagues or customers. In addition, Microsoft Certification System Administrator will also get the following benefits: get technical and product information directly from the assurance area of MCP website. Through MCP guarantee site to obtain special discount of products and services provided by the company. And will be invited to attend Microsoft meetings, technical training and special events. Get new security content through online MCP magazine provided by the website.