What is FreeTTS.com?

Thank you for try the FreeTTS app for text-to-speech. Powered by numerous innovative voice engines, FreeTTS supports more than 37 languages with more than 50 different all-natural voices.

Support converting text To address and save voice as Mp3 file; Confirm SSML TTS(Speech Synthesis Markup Language); Support adjust the speed and pitch of their listeners; Support convert text to address or without effects Support 6000 characters weekly without any payment.

The process is very simple. #1 Copy and paste your articles 2 Select the languages and voices. Configure the effects when desired #3 Click”Convert” for conversion and then save as mp3 file

The great Thing about this program is that the number of voice choices. You aren’t limited to Many different languages. There are a couple of major drawbacks, however. To begin with, you cannot just plop some text into a box and have it speak. The text Seemingly is sent off to a online support for processing, and you also get back an MP3 file. This means editing is going to be a job. Second, the online aspect Is also used to restrict the amount of characters you can convert per-week. May be charges beyond that weekly limitation. Sorry, but I do not”sign in” For something as trivial as text-to-speech. My Amiga did text-to-speech for Free from the box back in 1986, and it is a built-in API in MacOS. Additionally SaaS Is out of control and we really must stop rewarding bad behavior.

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