Finding a reliable site to play poker online is not an easy task. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of Free Poker Games Online that you can use to play poker safely and securely. 

In this article, we will be talking about:

  1. PokerStars
  2. PartyPoker
  3. Spartan Poker
  4. GG Poker
  5. 888Poker
  6. PokerStars

Launched in 2001, PokerStars has already turned into the largest poker network in the world. PokerStars recently launched an Indian counterpart and in this short time, it has already gathered a large group of poker players online.

Poker is a game of patience, and the software used by the site must allow the players to easily interact with the game. Pokerstars is known to be arguably second to none. From modification of the tables to rich graphics and smooth animations makes this one of the best poker games online.

The traffic on Pokerstars India is yet to grow. However, you can be sure that the leading brand will be the first choice for poker players online.


Here is yet another site that lets users play poker online for free and with real money. The site also offers a free poker school where new users can easily learn the game and also receive a money bonus when they start playing with real money.

Partypoker has made several enhancements to its software, customer service, and updated security to ensure that poker players online have a smooth and fun experience. It has the 5th highest traffic globally and also provides users with an option to play cash games anonymously, thereby improving privacy and overall player satisfaction. If you are looking for a site where you can start free and eventually play poker online with real money, PartyPoker has got your back.

Spartan Poker

This Poker site started in 2015 and has since set its aim to become the favorite site for poker games online across the country.

Its efforts to create user-friendly software, providing several customer service options and ensuring security in transactions have all played a huge role in getting Spartan to be a rising star among poker players online throughout India. Spartan Poker also offers free play options like Partypoker where users can practice and learn without using any real money.

The Poker Online site also is Certified by iTech Labs and enables players to play without the fear of rigged games which adds to the efforts put in by the site to provide its customers with the best experience.

GG Poker

One of the Flagships of the ‘Good Game Network’ which launched in 2014, GG poker is a site that focuses mainly on recreational Poker players online. It offers unique features like ‘hand moments’ which enables you to share your hand on social media networks immediately after playing each hand. 

GG poker also has an integrated analysis tool known as PokerCraft which shows elaborate stats and results of your game. The software used by GG poker is smooth, easy to use, and customizable to the player’s liking.

Overall, a well-developed app with a huge customer base, GG poker is at par with the big shots like Pokerstars and is one of the best poker games online.


Launched in 2002, 888Poker is one of the giants in the poker game, second only to PokerStars. A site like Spartan and Partypoker offers the option of playing free and with real money. With a large number of poker players online, free games are always on and there is hardly any wait to play tournaments.

The UI for 888Poker is simple and easy to use, and so is their registration process. 888Poker also lets you learn poker with the help of tips and their glossary of terms and rules which are used in the game. 

Once a player is comfortable playing online, the site also offers their players the option to switch to real money easily with their smooth and easy transaction process. 

For all of those who are looking to play poker online in one of the largest poker networks, without having to invest any money, 888Poker has got you covered.



India’s leading platform for online poker deals, Pokerlauncher is a site that provides information on the best poker online platforms and also provides great deals and offers on multiple poker games online. Not just that, but Pokerlauncher also educates players about the pros and cons of various poker platforms and helps select the best games for their players. From novices to pros, they have services that will benefit everyone trying to make their place in the world of poker. 


There are a wide range of Poker games online out there for all of you who want to play poker for free. However, one must be able to distinguish between a genuine website and fraudulent. Some of the key elements you can look at when searching for sites to play poker online are good software, multiple game options, easy registration, and a good amount of traffic. We hope that we have managed to give you a better understanding of poker games online and helped you decide which site you would use to play poker online.