Free CBSE Online Classes. Economics is a study of economics or a marketplace where buyers come to purchase and sellers come for sale. Introduced to students in 11th standard, it teaches students data presentation, consumer equilibrium etc. While in 12th standard the subject is divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics. Best Online classes for economics provides at Vidya Setu Learning with study material such as Sample papers, Question papers and NCERT solutions.

Online classes for economics provide by various portals although the student can understand the best from free and interactive online classes. Class 12 students are already under pressure and should study from those classes which release their burden and not bore them. 

Importance of studying Economics

Economics or study of economy is a combination of economic principles given by various economists and statistical interpretation of these principles. Class 12 Economics course is divided into Microeconomics and macroeconomics. 

Microeconomics is a study of Individual person’s behaviour through theories like consumer’s equilibrium or theory of demand whereas macroeconomics is a study of a country’s economy as a whole with theories like aggregate supply or aggregate demand. Free CBSE Online Classes.

  1. Economics teaches many useful concepts like opportunity cost or PPC which can also help an individual in their business. 
  2. Students interested in economics can further their career in an ambitious profession like economist, data analyst or researcher. 
  3. It also helps in predicting human behaviour, which can further help in taking impactful decisions.

Benefits of Online Classes for Economics for Class 12

  1. Online classes for economics class 12 can help students fill the gap of lack of education which has widened by closure of Schools and colleges. 
  2. Economics is a practical subject that you cannot understand on its own. The statistical implementation of each theory needs to be understood. Class 12 economics online classes helps students in understanding the statistical implementation of each theory.
  3. Online classes for economics make students aware of different ways to calculate National Income . And also helps them understand the graphical representation of theories.
  4. Graphs need must visible with recorded economics class 12 Video lectures. Students can view it multiple times to clear their doubts.
  5. During the current condition of pandemic, it is not safe to step out of the house. Online classes for economics class 12 can view comfortably sitting at your home. And does not involve any physical interaction with anybody. 
  6. Online classes for economics class 12 is accessible to all. And can be seen even in remote areas of the country. 

As we have discussed above the benefits of economics class 12 online classes. It is also important to know which is the best online classes for economics. And provides the class 12 economics video lectures free of cost. 

According to Adam Smith, father of economics. Economics is a “inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations.” Economics class 12 online classes helps students in understanding the different viewpoints of economists. 

The CBSE class 12 economics can learn through the CBSE class 12 video lectures. CBSE class 12 economics online coaching is provided by the various Online portals. Let us first see different types of Online Classes for economics. 

  1. Paid Online classes 
  2. Recorded Video lectures on different websites
  3. Pen drive courses
  4. YouTube Video Lectures. 

Vidya Setu Learning- Best Online Classes for Economics Class 12

Vidya Setu is an online portal or an online school teaching CBSE economics online classes FREE of cost. It is an online library open to all featuring class 12 commerce video lectures with study material. S.uch as NCERT books, Notes, Sample papers etc. Economics class 12 Online Classes are taught by an experience faculty. Vidya Setu is entirely free of cost, it does not involve any kind of registration. Students can directly go to the Vidya Setu’s YouTube Channel or can visit the official website of Vidya Setu Learning. 

Interactive online classes for economics class 12 at Vidya Setu-

  1. Accessible- The Vidya setu’s CBSE class 12 video lectures can be taken from anywhere at anytime and are easily accessible 
  2. Easy to use Interface- The Online classes for Economics is very easy to use. And does not involve any unnecessary verification.
  3. Interactive- The online classes for economics provided at Vidya setu Learning are interactive and informative. Helping students in understanding topics quickly.
  4. Experienced Faculty- Economics class 12 Online Classes teach by an experienced faculty. Teachers have knowledge about topics which could be difficult for students and teach those topics thoroughly. 
  5. Device Agnostic- Vidya setu’s online classes can be access by almost all the devices like laptop, ipad, mobile phones etc. 

Free Of Cost Online classes for Economics at Vidya Setu- 

The Online classes of economics is entirely free of cost different from all the other online portals providing online classes. Free CBSE Online Classes.

The CBSE Online classes for class 12 is provided by many reputed online portals. Like BYJU or Vedantu but they charge huge amounts of money in the name of fees. Due to this, a lot of students are unable to take part in these online classes. Free CBSE Online Classes.

Vidya setu learning’s online classes do not charge any fees. And provides online classes for classes 11th and 12th to all the students. 


After going through the benefits of online classes. It is very important to choose the right CBSE class 12 online classes for economics. Online classes of economics are provided best by Vidya setu Learning. The online classes are interactive and absolutely free of cost. You can view the video lectures directly on their YouTube Channel and can visit their website for Study material.