Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, has way too much money.

And now he has announced that he is the savior of “America’s freedom of speech” this week when his new social networking site, Frankspeech.com, is launched.

Frank’s speech in which it is not allowed to swear, pornography or invoke the name of God in vain.

I am not joking.

“It’s a bit like YouTube and Twitter,” said Lindell.

Is it me or has Lindell started talking like his lord and savior, Donald J. Trump, never finishing his sentences, changing subjects in the middle of the stream and making strange gestures?

Lindell said, “All the cancellations to our First Amendment rights we see right now are coming, so guess what? freely. “

“We went back and defined, to our Founding Fathers, the Supreme Court and other things to find out what defines freedom of speech,” Lindell said. “You can’t use the four curses, you know, the word C, the word N, the word F, or the name of God in vain. Freedom of speech is not pornography. Freedom of speech is not, “I will kill you. “

“It is very well defined in our mission statement. We have to start speaking freely again, ”he said.

Jesus H. Christ! Oops, I got banned.

George Carlin would be proud of his list of words you must not say.

I’m sure this list will grow as soon as his QAnon supporters, anti-Semites and conspiracy “speak freely.”