There have been several stories of conservatives who set up their own social media platform to protest against alleged excessive censorship by Twitter. Donald Trump reportedly built his own site, but it looks like Mike Lindell has beaten him. But based on Kimmel’s reviews, don’t expect Frankspeech to make a big impact.

On, Kimmel found all kinds of random products like “As seen on TV.” Kimmel asks why MyPillow Guy doesn’t just stick to the pillows. Maybe it has something to do with losses of more than $ 60 million.

Kimmel’s review of Lindell’s sites comes just weeks after Donald Trump’s new website was reviewed. Both sides did not impress the night host, but did give him more reasons to celebrate the fall of Trump and Lindell in the spotlight.

Kimmel is by far the most interested in Mike Lindell among the night hosts. Jimmy Kimmel Live! he spent many monologues describing Lindell’s public meltdown and the financial loss resulting from the merger of President Trump. A special event is Kimmel’s recent “interview” with Lindell.