Did you hear about the Cyber Symposium? A well-known personality has launched a new social media site. Do you want to know more about how the latest social media website works? Read on to discover everything you need about the Mike Lindell Website, which has created quite a stir among the crowd.

The launch of social media in America and Canada has been widely announced. It was also launched just before the US and Canadian elections, which sparked a lot of controversy and debates.

How genuine is the Social Media Website?

  • Domain Age: The Domainage is less than six month.
  • Social media Presence: The website is not listed on any social networking sites. There is no mention of anything on the website.
  • Owners Information: Mike Lindell
  • Antitrust Review This means it is not trustworthy.
  • The malware has been detected.
  • HTTPS protocol detected.

What is Frank Speech Mike Lindell website?

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. He was previously banned from Twitter and other social media sites for spreading false information about Trump supporters. Site founder Mike Lindell claims the site promotes freedom of speech.

The cyber symposium was the primary announcing and streaming event used by the site owner to announce the new social network. The site owner claimed that the new social media site was unlike any other. Users are free to speak whatever they want. Frank Speech Mike Lindell users, however, claim that the website was primarily a single channel communication media where the owner and associates posted information. This includes election fraud and CoVid-19 frauds. This social media platform does collect data and has malware. It’s interesting. It has also censored all posts that were critical of the President or slanderous towards him.

What are your chances of visiting this site?

The new social media platform is clearly a political tool. The Frank speech Mike Lindell Website,which is not in line with its motto of freedom of speech, has been a prominent political tool used to monitor citizens who are voicing opposition to the Former President. This was even before the Elections. One or two users were banned for criticizing the Lord’s Name.


The new social media platform is not something that one should have been able to ignore. There are many factors involved in the platform’s usage. The platform’s website has privacy Malwares detected, lower trust-score, as well as a poor Alexa Ranking. The Frank speech Mike Lindell Website is a little contradictory to the slogan.