Online retail sales are increasing every year. By the end of 2023, they will already exceed the $6 trillion mark. Communication between buyer and seller on the Internet greatly simplifies and expands business possibilities. At the same time, competition in this industry is growing, and it is essential that custom ecommerce development be professional. Using practical marketing tools to promote products and increase sales is equally important. Many such instruments exist, but you can choose one of the five most relevant.

No.1: Website

To compete adequately in the market, you must use different ways to promote your services, products, or brand. We recommend to follow the trends and use all new merketing tools.

More than just creating a website is required; you need it to be highly indexed by popular search engines. It is not a challenging task, and to do this, you need to do the following things:

  • ensure ease of use of the resource. If web pages take a long time to load, and not every visitor can figure out how to place an order, then users will start looking for a functional website from competitors;
  • prepare content that will answer basic questions from users and meet their needs. If the site is about selling cosmetics, then all texts and images should be on this topic;
  • adapt the resource to mobile devices. In this case, there are two options: order the web designer to create a mobile version or create an adaptive design, where the pages are automatically adjusted to the technology used by the visitor;
  • analyze the target audience, taking into account the time of maximum traffic.

No.2: Omnichannel Marketing

Another effective method for automated marketing in digital commerce is communicating with customers via several channels at once when information from these conversations is collected into one source. In other words, if a letter was first sent by email, then in one of the instant messengers, all this is merged into one source. In this case, duplication of information and inaccuracy are eliminated.

No. 3: Social media management

Considering that the average user spends at least two to three hours a day on social networks, promoting a brand in this way is quite effective. Many brands have gained popularity with this option. You can use different ways to increase your target audience, including the following:

  • cooperation with bloggers;
  • targeted advertising;
  • ordering advertising from influencers.

Also, a business owner can promote their blog, promoting the brand.

No. 4: Promotion with the help of the user

Statistics show that about 45% of users read reviews about a service or product before purchasing. These numbers are a direct path to deciding to use a tool such as promotion through users in digital commerce. For customers to leave a review, you need to remind them of this, for example, by sending an email sometime after the purchase. The brand can also motivate customers with additional bonuses for reviewing. This tactic works very well.