The type of person who is most likely to cheat in a relationship is someone with low self-esteem. This type of person needs validation from others to feel good about themselves, so they are more likely to seek other people for this validation. People with low self-esteem also have a hard time maintaining relationships because they see it as their fault if the other person doesn’t want them anymore, leading them to seek out another partner. Moreover, if you doubt that your spouse is seeing someone else, you could monitor their actions using an Android software called pcTattletale.

Take a peek at these individuals.

1.   Rich Successful Men

When it comes to cheating, rich, successful men are the worst. It is not that they cheat more than other people do; in fact, research shows that high-income earning males tend to be no worse when it comes to fidelity than low-income earners (at least according to statistics collected by CNN). The problem with these guys is their access and opportunity because of money issues.

With large bank accounts at their disposal, society’s most successful cheaters can attract almost any woman they want. Plus, if a guy doesn’t have time for relationships due to work or just being too busy, he may not feel bad about slipping up once in a while.

2.   The Woman Who Feels Neglected

The woman who feels neglected is the type of person that will find any excuse to cheat. She doesn’t have self-control around her partner, so when she gets in a fight with him, or he simply isn’t paying enough attention to her, she’ll likely seek out someone else to make herself feel better. This causes them to act like they are single again and get carried away while their significant other is none the wiser until either an argument breaks out later on or they discover evidence of cheating (phone bills, credit card statements).

3.   Insecure people

Insecure people are going to use any excuse they can get, including a relationship. If an insecure person feels that their partner is not giving them enough attention or affection, then it’s likely that cheating will occur. In this situation, the insecurity stems from the need for constant reassurance, and low self-esteem means there’s no limit to how much someone might take advantage of you to have what they desire.

4.   The Woman That Is Getting Cheated On

This is the woman that gets cheated on, and she feels heartbroken. Her boyfriend or spouse has betrayed her, but there are many reasons why this person might be more likely to get cheated on than others. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it can be helpful to understand what makes people cheat so that you know how to avoid getting into such situations again.

It’s essential to recognize your role because no matter who started cheating first, both partners need to take responsibility for their actions. Considering everything involved, one of them was not innocent either way.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now have a clear understanding of the kind of people that are more prone to cheat in a relationship. It would also be preferable if you tried to avoid such individuals.