Going digital is the best bet to start, save or even revive a business. The online world, especially social media, can breathe a new life into your business no matter the niche it is targeting. Now is the best time to give a digital presence for your business and expand it globally. 

Though the digital world ensures you greater success, you have to toil hard for it. The marketing to cut above the competition and the strategies to increase your niche, the online world requires you more hard work than what a physical store would call for. Yet, it stands above all options because of the returns it yields. 

Why stress for the online presence?

The online presence is talked about so much. And trust the people; it is not overhyped! Shifting your work online will help you rake in better sales than what you can get. Here is how Instagram works for your business:

  1. The footfall of billions is no joke. There are millions of people who use social media app every day. Though. It necessarily does not mean millions will see your account; it just hints at the tiny little possibility of the same!
  2. You get a global audience in one click. The post you put up on the profiles is shared globally and can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world, giving your works greater recognition.
  3. You can have a targeted audience. For example, Instagram recommends your posts to people with similar interests. Hence, internally your business is being promoted to customers who have more chances of using them. 
  4. You get personalized analytics to rate and review your performance (if you switch to a business account). In addition, the analytics supported by the algorithms helps you know when and where your target customers are focusing on!

How to get started!

∅ Things to remember while setting your account!

  1. Create your style! If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you should focus on creating your unique style. Stay true to it. Though you can always explore, don’t adopt anyone’s style. This makes it difficult to escape their shadows.  
  2. Target the audience: Every business has its target audience. Look for your and where their interest lies. Suite your posts to overlap their searches to get their attention. 
  3. Let the bio talk! The bio holds the compact information f your brand and the website (if any) it is linked to. If you are aiming at bringing sales, then use this space to gain trust and lead customers. 
  4. Attract! Let your profile speak for itself. Infuse in the artistic side with some creative inspiration from your favorite artist to bring in the good side of the products!

∅ Things to remember while posting!

  1. Add appropriate hashtags! The hashtags lead your post into the appropriate category. Hence, if you want your audience to find you, aptly select the hashtags. 
  2. Use shoppable posts: This feature helps them directly visit the web page and check out their product of interest without any hassles. 
  3. Post often: The more you post, the more it will spread and thus the more traffic you’ll receive.  
  4. Start interaction: Interact with your engagements. Be it direct messages or replying to their comments, make them feel welcome! 

∅ Things for marketing!

  1. Use everything you can: Instagram gives you varied space to promote your business. Posts, reels, stories, live, IGTV …etc. are ways to connect and interact with the audience, creating engagements!
  2. Throw some freebies! Who doesn’t love freebies? This piques interest and gives them a chance to take a look at your products. 
  3. Newsletters: Newsletters are an effective way to deliver your products/ services directly to the users. A compiled data with what the brand is aiming at and the future line-ups is the most effective door-to-door promotion. With a growing business, you’ll need more accounts to organize different aspects. Buying old Gmail accounts or buy Hotmail accounts will help in the same. The old accounts hold value; hence it is hard to be dismissed as spam. Thus, buy yahoo accounts to improve the account’s marketing.    
  4. Create promotional events: Teaming with fellow influencers or dropping teasers are some promotional ideas to ape. 

∅ The behind the scenes

  1. Review your work: Never forget to evaluate your work. Have a periodical analysis of what has worked and what did not for your account. 
  2. Grow the following by buying followers: It is no secret that an account with a larger following climbs the success ladder faster. It is because they have more numbers behind them, sharing their posts and increasing their presence. Though organic followers are most desirable, gaining them fast is not easy. In such cases, buying them gives the quickest solution. Once the follower number increases, you can promote and gain more customers using the brought ones in return!
  3. Interlink! Cross-pollinate the social accounts so that you can integrate your audience from all fronts. This also means you need to promote your other social media handles. Say, for example, you have a solid base on Twitter, then try gaining followers here. Pique their interest with a successful account, and a successful account must have a considerable following! Increase the numbers by buying followers for your Twitter account. 
  4. Change your strategies! Don’t be hesitant to change your thinking or approach. You need to adapt to changes in the platform, both in terms of the policies and demographics. 


Setting your business and leading it to glory on Instagram is easy if you follow the checklists for optimization. Though it would demand more work from your front, it gives you satisfaction to see your hard work bringing fruit!