Did you know that new human remains were discovered in a lake? Southern Nevada Water Authority is responsible to manage water resources for people in southern Nevada, Las Vegas. The United States as well as the Canada would like to learn more.

Did you realize that lake Mead continues to see a decline in its water levels due to drought-like weather conditions? It was the reason parks rangers discovered human remains Lake Mead.

Information about the discovery and burial of new corpses:

The National Park Service reported human remains in the Swim Beach area, Boulder City, Nevada. The incident was reported at approximately 4:30 pm PST. The park rangers were quick to respond and recovered the body.

To determine the cause of death, the Clark County Office of the Coroner medically examined the body. The body is able to be toxicologically analyzed because it was in better shape than the other two bodies discovered in the same lake.

The investigation is still in its early stages and more information is being sought.

Other Human Remnants Found in Lake Mead .

The police found the first corpse on May 1, 2022. The body had suffered gunshot wounds, so police assumed foul play. The victim’s clothing, footwear, and accessories were examined by police. They concluded that the victim was dressed in a fashion and style typical of the 70s/80s.

The remains of the victim’s body are expected to be more 40 years old. The body was found inside a barrel. Police said that when a body is found in an open barrel, there’s a high likelihood of it being killed.

The second Find Human Remains Lake Mead, was discovered in the Callville Bay section of the park. It was found on 7th Mai 2022. It is possible that tissues from the body were preserved because of the freezing water at the bottom. The police won’t be looking at the two remaining remains because the body is already decomposed.

Monday saw the discovery of the third corpse. These cases are still under investigation.

Current water levels are approximately 174 feet lower than normal, with a total height of 1,040ft. As water levels continue to drop, police anticipate more Find Human Remains Lake Mead which may have been dragged. Lake Mead will be considered full if its water levels reach 2,000ft.


Also, boats from World War II could be exposed to the water level drop. Further, human remains have not been identified. The investigation is being done with caution. The investigation has not established any strong connections with any crime. Therefore, intact human remains go through forensic dentistry as well fingerprinting and Xrays. According to the police, they are able to order DNA testing.