Want to know more about Fortunatelly.com Are you aware of the legitimacy of this website? For more information, please read the following article.

Scammers have emerged as more buyers around the globe turned to online platforms to buy products. Online shopping has become a popular trend that is alarming for consumers. This article will show buyers the latest Fortunatelly strings. Please read these passages to stay informed about the site.

Information About The Shopping Website

While browsing the About Us section, it was clear that the website stated they offer the best products with excellent service at a reasonable price. Additionally, the portal suggested that customers could receive products as gifts which would ultimately bring pleasure and happiness.

If you have been to the website before and found it tempting, beware. You could be scammed anytime. To protect yourself from scams and detect Is Fortunatelly Licensible? We suggest you read the following sections.

Discovering the Crucial Specifications of Fortunatelly.com

  • https://www.fortunatelly.com is the official URL for this online store.
  • We discovered that the portal allows customers within 14 days to file a return.
  • This website is primarily focused on selling personal care products, such as hair masks and flashlights.
  • Our investigation found that the portal listed +447723598988.
  • The newsletter subscription option allows the customer to receive the most current deal news.
  • Fortunatelly.com allows you to use PayPal, American Express, VISA and many other payment methods.
  • The Fortunatelly Reviews investigation discovered that Fortunatelly.com is 3 months and 19 day old.
  • Fortunatelly.com promised to reimburse the amount within seven days of receipt of the application.
  • This portal does not have any social icons.
  • Our survey did not find any evidence that the exchange policy is in place.
  • The address is located at 146a Whitchurch road, Cardiff, Wales. CF143NA.
  • The shipping time was announced on the website as 7 to 20 days.
  • Our analysis discovered an email address, [email protected].
  • The delivery process can take anywhere from 7 to 20 working days. If conditions are difficult, however, the time frame may be extended.


  • Our Fortunatelly inspection identified an email address.
  • This online shop shows the office address details.
  • The newsletter option is available.
  • We noticed that there are many customer reviews on this website.

Flaws Found

  • Social connections are missing
  • Trustpilot users didn’t give us any feedback.

Is a Scam?

  • Site Suspension Deadline The survey indicated that this portal is still valid through 27-04-2023.
  • Clients reviews We didn’t find any Trustpilot reviews. However, Fortunatelly.com was linked to two Facebook accounts that we checked. One has a negative opinion.
  • Bulk Purchase Option – After much research, we discovered this site provides this option for buyers.
  • Trust Rank – We found that 39.2/100 corresponds to the Trust Rank value.
  • Alexa Rank During your search for Alexa Rank , a 758214 number is fetched.
  • Address Originality No businesses have been observed running over this address. The address is also given in the image format according to a source, raising many questions.
  • Policies — We found that the shared policies information was copied to other websites.
  • Portalage – Fortunatelly.com was founded on 27/04-2022. It is explained that Fortunatelly.com has been registered for 3 months, 19 days and 9 days.
  • Social Media Images – These icons have been removed.
  • Trust score – An unsatisfactory 11% value was observed.


Trustpilot’s reviews weren’t updated. Aside from Trustpilot, we did not find any reliable comments from users on other review platforms. However, as we continued to survey, we found two Facebook pages associated with this portal. One of these pages contained a negative commentary expressing disapproval at its service.

Its official portal contains many positive feedbacks. Unfortunately, this is not enough to be able to see its true face. It doesn’t have many reviews and its scores are low, so it’s best not to use this site.

The Final Words

This article presented Fortunatelly summary and concluded that it was questionable, based only on the details. Because it’s a brand new portal, we are unable to comment on its truth.