Do you want to know how much you have spent on Fortnite since you Began playing with this game? Fortnite has been around for some years, and its popularity is still increasing along with Worldwide. As its popularity is increasing, different platforms and tools have also introduced for players.

We will look at one of those exciting tools introduced lately, not in-game however with a Fortnite third-party platform. The feature is My Locker. Let us talk thisfurther inside this post.

What’s Locker in is an internet Platform that assists Fortnite players play the game comfortably by providing different amenities. It’s recently getting famous Worldwide because of its new tool. You may wish to be aware of the V-bucks you have spent till today from the sport.

The tool gives you the numbers of your expenses on Fortnite in V-bucks, which will be virtual currency to make purchases from the Fortnite game.

You have to do simple steps to get access to a Locker. However, it provides costs of free stuff that you have earned, but it is simple to find your cost estimate.

The Way to get access to Fortnite Locker?

You don’t need to shell out anything. Just follow these steps to get Access to the tool:

· Go to the platform

· You will see a drop-down menu in the top; click that.

· You will be able to see Locker; browse to this option.

· At last, join with your EA account.

Simply get on with those steps, and you’ll discover that your Locker.

This Site is not Thus, it will not be safe if you provide any personal details for this platform. The platform utilizes HTTPS protocol that ensures safety, but it does not always indicate that the subsequent website is dependable. This platform was established on 2nd August, 2017, so it’s an old website.

The trust score of this Platform is 60% that we’ve checked from a trusted platform. Additionally, this platform has disabled its sign-in option so that you don’t need to compromise any of your private particulars. You may check out the forum yourself; don’t offer any personal information yet to use Locker.

Final Verdict

Just go to the platform, and You’ll Be able to use this Locker instrument And different tools that might help you make Fortnite easier and far more fun. Just do not give any personal information related to your account to steer clear of any risks.

Considering that the signup feature is disabled, today you will be able to utilize The stage with no situation. But still it is advised to explore well and research thoroughly before using this platform.

Have you used this tool to understand how much you have spent on this match? Please inform us about your experience of understanding the sum paid in-game at the.