Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 will end in a matter of hours, as everyone knows. Are you interested in the next chapter and are you well-informed? You’re not the first person to be curious about the Worldwide. Do you wonder when Chapter 3 will arrive or would you like to see the end of season 8? You have started your Fortnite HTML3 Countdown. This article is for YOU. Scroll down for more information and clarifications.

Why does this trend?

It is the final Fortnite event, expected to take place in very short time. Fortnite players are getting ready for another thrilling episode. This is the final chapter. We will see a sign and be able to look back at the emptiness until we get Chapter 3.

Fortnite Countdown Chapter3

This simply means that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Season 8 is in its final preparations. Players are now focusing on the final chapter unlocking.

The last episode will air at various times on Saturday, 4/12/12. It has been decided that the episode will begin at 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time. The episodes will also start at 16:00 Eastern Time (ET) and 13:00 Pacific Time. In particular, the game will not start until five minutes after these times have been set for Fortnite Counterdown Chapter 3.

The extensive matchmaking will be damaged around half an hour before launch. This will allow players enough time for their final matchmaking and to jump in to the next episode.

How can I join?

While joining is straightforward, make sure you get access to the servers at least 30minutes before the event starts. This will allow participants to jump in. Fortnite will make the end playlist accessible 30 minutes earlier.

All you have to to is enter Fortnite. You will then be able enroll the end mix matches in Fortnite countdown Chapter 3 by using the Fortnite fighting royaltye-style liftoff cards.

Rules To Wrap Up-

As in previous Fortnite episodes, you must complete all prevailing mission and close any remaining prizes before the season ends.

You might expect to-

  • I completed Cube Queen’s two first voyages and the Cube Queen’s second voyage.
  • For Tuna Fish mode untying, compile Rainbow Ink and Colour Bottles.
  • For bonuses, trade any Battle Stars remaining in the game.


We are now closing the previous episode. Players who sign up to the Fortnite Countdownbefore December 31st will be eligible for a 225,000 Coin Bonus. The end of the season will also allow you to access a unique loading system and wrap.