Battle royale video game Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon. You know you’ve got the game that everyone is playing when a dance motion from within the game becomes a cultural phenomenon or a famous musician like Drake endorses it. While Fortnite Battle Royale has a large player base, that doesn’t make it simple to pick up and play.

Being the best player in Fortnite Battle Royale is complex, and there is no foolproof method of always coming out on top. We can’t promise you’ll always be in the top ten, but if you follow our fortnite building tips and guide, you’ll have a much better chance of staying alive than your fellow players.

So, if you want to beat your friends at Fortnite Battle Royale, here we share some fortnite building tips.

Some best Fortnite building tips for Beginners:

Avoid Busy Areas

Staying away from populated areas of the map increases your chances of surviving in Fortnite Battle Royale.

While it’s true that landing in the game’s more populous regions increases your chances of finding functional gear and weapons, beginners have a far harder time surviving their first few encounters there.

Land on Building Roofs

In most cases, entering a structure over the roof is the most secure method unless you have absolute certainty that it is deserted. You’re less likely to be fired at upstairs or behind doors, and chests are frequently hidden in the ceiling, increasing your chances of finding a powerful weapon.

Landing on roofs is preferable if you’ve mastered the technique, although it may take some practice.

Never Run in a Straight Line

Getting into the circle may require you to suddenly expose yourself and dash for it. If you’re being chased by snipers, don’t make their job any easier by running in a straight line. Keep making little course corrections and lots of jumps. Making it more difficult for a sniper to aim a shot in your direction of travel.

In addition to dodging bullets, you can boost your chances of survival by running in a ‘Z’ formation or ducking under the occasional one. You’ll definitely stand out as nuts, but at least the expert shooter won’t be able to get the last kill shot.

Keep the In-Game Volume Up

You can miss vital information if you listen to music or play games with the volume turned down. The faint jingle of a nearby treasure chest or the sneaking footsteps of an opponent on the upper floors will be lost on you. If you really want to improve in Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s best to put on some headphones and play in a quiet room.

Play Mind Games with Doors

In games like Battle Royale, hiding behind closed doors from other players is standard procedure. Of course, doing so is not without its own dangers. Other players may enter if the door is left open, and if they find guns, chests, and ammo is strewn around, a gunfight may break out.

They may decide to depart if they notice the door is open, especially early on when everyone is still searching for items. That’s right; this is all about playing tricks on your brain. Precisely what is it that you’d like the other player to do? Enter, trigger your device, or leave you alone?

Crouch When Sniping

You’ll be a much more effective sniper if you know a few tricks to help you stay alive and improve your aim in Battle Royale. Crouching is aessential for snipers who wish to stay alive.

Crouching makes you less of a target for your opponent and makes it easier to maintain accuracy with your shots. This is an excellent aid if you’re trying to take a long shot.