Are you looking for fancy designer clothes to order online? Have you looked at sells high-end, branded clothing online. The website is receiving massive attention from countries including the United States. Australia, United Kingdom and India.

The platform claims to be able to ship orders anywhere in the world. However, before you order anything, please read this Review.

Farfetch is an internet business store designed for fashion lovers. Farfetch is a platform that aims to create a network between brands, retailers and customers to help them buy high-end and branded fashion items. Farfetch and Forfetch are not to be confused. The second website, which sells lights, is a copy of Farfetch. is where you can find fashion products and accessories for women, men, and kids. Products such as:

  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Watches

Is Forfetch Legit This site has listed many branded items that aren’t on Amazon or Flipkart. So buyers are unsure if this site is legit. Although this website appears to be very popular, it’s important to verify whether the platform is trustworthy. It is also a way for buyers to avoid being scammed. Before you decide to trust this website, be sure to read the above.

  • Domain URL:
  • Ltd., The Bower, 21 Old Street, London EC1V9NR
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone Number:+16467913768
  • Return policy:Buyers are allowed to return their orders within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Forfetch Reviews says that the products are not reviewed and that the platform has received mixed reviews.
  • Shipping policy: Worldwide shipping available. The destination of your order will determine the delivery time.
  • Refund Policy All returned orders will be refunded within 14 business day.
  • Payment methods: The platform allows payment by almost all means, including PayPal and American Express, Discover, Apple Pay Visa, MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard and many others.


  • Buyers can view products in different currencies.
  • The products are briefly described.
  • The site is well-received by buyers.


  • It is unclear what other people think about the site.
  • The owner information is not included on the website.

Is Legit ?

Popularity among buyers does not necessarily mean that the site is legitimate. To win shoppers’ confidence, the platform must pass certain checks. Below we’ll discuss some of the key features of the site in order to help buyers decide if it is worth their time.

  • Website Registration This website was registered on 29 May 2003.
  • Website Ends:The platform expires on 29 May 2027.
  • Registrar Lexsynergy Limited registered the platform.
  • Customer comments: All items in the store are Forfetch Review. Quora users have previously left negative feedback. This makes the platform suspicious and untrustworthy.
  • Trust Score: The platform had an average trust rank (69%). It requires more research and investment.
  • Social Media accounts The platform can be found on numerous social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Data security: TheHTTPS protocol has been enabled to protect the user’s data. However, it doesn’t always protect the data of users.
  • Information missing: The platform doesn’t provide information about the owner.
  • Customer policies: We have briefly listed all of the key policies, including Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policy, Shipping Policy, Terms, Refund policy, Shipping Policy, Terms, and other terms.

Forfetch Reviews

The platform claims that it gets positive feedback from its users, but this is false since negative feedback has been discovered on other sites. This makes the website suspicious and untrustworthy. Additional investigation is needed. included all information, such as address, phone number and email ID, along with social media handles. However, the website appears to not have provided owner information which is essential for transparency between clients and service providers.

Final Verdict

Let’s sum it all. The forfetch reviews post can be used to confirm the authenticity of the site.