With Saudi Arabia recently opening its doors to visitors, it seems that intrepid travelers are the ones who want to discover what this closed-off Kingdom is truly like! They are trying the best booking platforms to book vacation rentals online.

Exploring the Kingdom is enthralling, particularly if you travel like a native and meet some locals! This post will teach you how to go backpacking in Saudi Arabia, give you an idea of how much travel in Saudi Arabia costs, and show you how to save money in Saudi Arabia while seeing the finest locations in the country!

Saudi Arabia is not a cheap backpacker destination. So, you should try to save money while traveling in Saudi Arabia. This includes things like Couchsurfing, wild camping, and hiring a vehicle to save money. When visiting Saudi Arabia, if you want to stay on a backpacker budget, you’ll need to put in some work. Here are a few suggestions for the average Saudi traveler who needs money-saving travel tips:


Couchsurfing is popular in most places and is a wonderful way to save money while also tasting Saudi life. Couchsurfing is particularly beneficial for solitary travelers since it allows you to see locations and participate in activities that would otherwise be difficult or costly to accomplish on your own. You may also look for the best booking platform at a reduced cost for accommodation.


Rather than staying in hotels all of the time, I strongly suggest camping in Saudi Arabia. Not only will you save money on lodging, but camping in the desert or a wadi (valley) is also beautiful and a part of Saudi culture. Or you may book vacation rentals online if they are available at a low cost.

Camping is very popular in Saudi Arabia, and if you go on the weekend, you’re sure to meet local acquaintances who are also out on a camping vacation. There are no restrictions on where you may camp, but you should avoid flagrant trespassing.

Consider stopping at a prayer stop if you intend to camp along the road. People will likely not object if you sleep in the prayer hall if you pitch your tent by one.

When camping in an area where there isn’t an apparent camping site, don’t be shocked if people come up to see what you’re doing or make sure you’re alright.

Camping is nearly usually free, and there are many approved camping areas along the shore. Keep in mind that the coastguard is always patrolling the area. Bring copies of your passport to present to coastguard authorities if you intend to camp on the beach.

Don’t eat local food:

Local SAUDI establishments, particularly traditional eateries, are often very pricey. If they prefer Saudi cuisine, they can eat it with their families at home!

Look for locations operated by expatriates for inexpensive meals; Pakistanis, Indians, and Egyptians are just a few countries with large populations in Saudi Arabia that often run eateries with lower prices. Besides, much of Saudi Arabia’s culinary culture is influenced by foreign civilizations.

Buy your food from local markets:

Many supermarkets are designed in the American manner, with an overwhelming variety of foods to pick from. Get your breakfast and lunch supplies from these to avoid spending extra for more costly meals at sit-down restaurants.

Saudi Arabia’s low-cost transportation:

Saudi Arabia is a massive nation with equally massive cities like Riyadh. Riyadh is currently constructing a metro system, making visiting the finest sites to see in Riyadh much more affordable once it is completed.

The only method to get to Riyadh is via taxi, which is also the case in Jeddah, Dammam, Abha, and Jazan. There are a few alternatives for traveling from one city to another in Saudi Arabia:

Bus: The bus is the cheapest mode of transportation in Saudi Arabia. The SAPTCO Bus is well-organized, on time, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

Train: While the train does not link all cities in Saudi Arabia, it does connect parts of them, and the rates are fair and less expensive than flying if you purchase tickets in advance. Saudi trains are of good quality and comfortable, although they do not operate as often as buses.

Flight: The fastest method to go about Saudi Arabia is to fly. There are a few low-cost airlines that fly all across the nation regularly. If you book ahead of time, are flexible with your flight schedule, and just bring hand baggage, flight costs may be quite affordable!

Car Hire: Fuel in Saudi Arabia is cheap, as you would assume, so this is one option to visit Saudi Arabia on a budget. However, car hire is not cheap, and driving in Saudi Arabia is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced!

If you’re booking last-minute, consider taking the bus; it will take longer, but rates seem to be low until the day of departure. If you’re planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, book your flights and trains ahead of time to receive the best deals!


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